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Pro Bowl’s Best Jerseys

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

August 5, 2014

That’s right, we’re getting down and dirty. We’re talking high impact, heart-pounding, gritty stuff.

We’re talking Pro Bowl uniforms and the very best jerseys!

Most working people have some variety in their wardrobe when it comes to work attire. Sure, if you’re like most blue-collar folks, you wear a uniform to perform your day to day job. If you’re a doctor you might have the same white coat day in and day out, and of course, if you’re an astronaut you may be in your space suit floating around in zero gravity. But if you’re the every day white-collar working person, you’ve got some variety in your wardrobe choices.

This is not so for our friends in the NFL. The players mix it up with home and away jerseys, and the occasional throw back jersey, but for the most part every game is business as usual.

One of the few exceptions: The Pro Bowl.

With the NFL preseason just underway, we’ve already got our sights set on the 2015 Pro Bowl. After the futuristic, neon jerseys of the 2014 game, we’re can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.

Keeping that in mind, we’re taking a look back at our favorites and some of the best Pro Bowl jerseys of years past!

Honorable Mention 1995-1997

We get it, there’s no point of having red, white and blue, unless you throw some stars on it. The stars weren’t our favorite, but the dedication to the theme was impressive and for that reason, it gets the honorable mention.


2013 Pro Bowl Jersey

The final year the NFL produced jerseys denoting the conferences as “American” and “National” before officially changing to the AFC and NFC. Did you like this labelling of the conferences? Does it make sense with the new format?


The year everyone got to come to the game in their regular uniforms! While there’s nothing especially unique about these, we’re 16 years removed from the days of the 1998 uniforms, and looking back they make us feel all warm, fuzzy and nostalgic inside.


Still not sure if it’s the red-orange hue or the awesome fonts they used for player numbers, but this jersey gets loads of credit for being eye catching.


These were a huge change from the year before where the players wore solid red or blue jerseys. Instead the league produced gradient style colorings of blue and red on a mostly white jersey for each team. This design was certainly memorable for us.



Call us progressive, but we LOVE the new design. It was such a drastic change from uniforms in past Pro Bowls. Between the neon colors and fit, these are our favorite jerseys to date!

What’d you think of the new design? Did it stray too far from tradition? Was it a good take on modernizing the uniforms? Which design was your favorite in years past?

See You Favorite Football Players in Their New Duds Live!

Let’s face it, the Pro Bowl is as much about fashion as it is about care bears.

However, with the league’s new updates such as the fantasy football style draft and unconferenced format, as well as two minute drills at the end of each quarter, anyone who watched the 2014 event knows it was the most exciting it’s ever been! (Source: Profootballtalk)   

With the 2015 Pro Bowl being played just a week earlier at the same destination as the 2015 Super Bowl, fans can look forward to a week jam packed of football fun (and a much shorter trip and less travel expenses incurred)!

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The 2015 Pro Bowl is right around the corner, will we see you in Arizona?


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