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5 Reasons to be at the College Football Playoff National Championship

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

August 7, 2014

College Football National Championship Gold B Package 1College football season is almost here! In a little over two weeks, the first game of the schedule will kick-off and fans of the teams that have a good shot of making it to the first-ever
College Football Playoff will be scrambling to find out how to ensure they have access to the biggest game of the year. This puts fans whose team’s fate is uncertain in a tough situation – do you get your tickets early with the off chance your team might not make it, or do you wait until the last minute and risk not getting tickets at all?

Now, let me get this down in all caps to get my point across: YOU DO NOT WANT TO TAKE EVEN THE SLIGHTEST CHANCE OF MISSING THE GAME, REGARDLESS OF YOUR TEAM’S ODDS!

Woo! Glad to get that off my chest. Now let me break it down and explain my reasoning. There are five main reasons to attend the College Football Playoff National Championship, and these apply regardless of who your teams is. Yes, if your team has a great chance of making it to the title game then these are no-brainers. However, these reasons are just as applicable if your team has a smaller chance.

So without further ado, check out the top reasons to attend the College Football Playoff National Championship game:

1. Bragging Rights

Think about it. If you attend the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship, you’re about to have bragging rights for life! Not only is it the mecca of college football games, but it is the very first time that the college football season will culminate with an NFL Playoff inspired format with this game being the end result.

Can you imagine just how jealous all of your friends and family would be to see your pictures from the game on Instagram or Facebook, or to hear your firsthand account of being there LIVE when the college football champions are crowned? Oh yes, it needs to happen!

2. Check it Off Your Bucket List

Please. You’re kidding yourself if attending the college football national title game isn’t on your bucket list. I’ll say it again, folks, it’s THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR! Not being in the stands to watch it played out live is outrageous.

So what better time is there to check this game off your bucket list than the first time it’s played under the new system? Attend the College Football Playoff National Championship? Check!

3. Complete the College Experience

So maybe your college team was never that great and a championship ring was never in the cards for them. Or maybe your team was fabulous, but the opportunity was never there for you to attend their biggest game.

Well, now’s the time for you to complete the college experience and gain those memories! Regardless of if it’s your alma mater competing, sit in some of the best seats in the stadium and cheer on the team of your choice! Maybe it’s your second favorite team, maybe it’s a team you hate, but you like them more than the team they’re playing, who cares! This is your moment to fulfill those college dreams!

4. Begin Family Traditions

Imagine, dads. Watching your college football team win the title with your kids in the stands. Moms, think about it. Taking a family vacation to support something you’re all passionate about. The
College Football Playoff National Championship is a great family affair!

Make memories with your kids and spouse, create traditions and plan to go back the following year, or vow to fly on your next trip because driving the distance with the kids asking “are we there yet?” was just too painful. The experience as a whole is what you’re going to cherish and it’s what’s going to make the memories that will last a lifetime.

5. VIP Amenities at THE Biggest Game of the Year

This is the big one. Get VIP amenities to the College Football Playoff National Championship and celebrate in style! This one incorporates the previous four reasons by taking them to the next level. Plus, with Official Playoff Premium Ticket Packages, no. five is incredibly easy to mark off.

With packages including access to an exclusive hospitality tailgate area complete with complimentary food and open bars, fun interactive entertainment elements, collegiate football legend appearances, and a variety of official souvenirs, you’re truly getting the VIP bundle.

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Not to mention, you can opt to include luxurious hotel accommodations so you don’t have to do any trip planning. Okay, okay, time to pick your jaw up from the floor and get more information!

Get More Information on Attending!

What are you waiting for? Official Ticket Packages to the College Football Playoff National Championship are calling your name! Even the toughest of cookies can’t resist these five reasons on why you must attend!

So it’s time to for step no. two: Visit QuintEvents website for more information and to see the package selections available, or call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a Playoff Premium representative. Don’t take any chances – secure your spot today!


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