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Booking Your 2015 Super Bowl Hotel Early is the Inn Thing to Do

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

August 15, 2014


(That's a little hotel pun to get you going)

For months we’ve had a gaping hole in our lives; a hole that left us yearning for the days of tailgating, gathering with our friends, and screaming at our TVs or in the stands, urging on our favorite teams.

Well friends, the time is here. The 2014-2015 NFL preseason is well underway with several teams already clocking two games under their belts. In just over two weeks, the NFL season will truly begin and teams will lay it all on the line week after week for the ULTIMATE prize:

The Vince Lombardi Trophy and the title of 2015 Super Bowl Champions.

::Insert Goosebumps Here::

In preparation for the biggest game of the year, fans can already secure their seat in the stands of University of Phoenix Stadium with NFL On Location’s Official 2015 Super Bowl Ticket Packages!

For football fans living in Arizona, it’s a no brainer to get a package and get their access to the game as well as other Official and exclusive NFL events. For those coming from out of town, there’s another aspect that comes with attending Super Bowl XLIX

Booking 2015 Super Bowl Hotels

Now, I know no one wants to worry about a mundane detail like accommodations when you’ve got the game, tailgates, parties and other events to attend, however, it’s one of the most important aspects of your trip if you plan on attending the game!

Super Bowl XLVIII

For those of you who may not remember, the 2014 Super Bowl saw many attendees emptying their pockets for accommodations. With the best hotels within New York booked early, less-than-stellar hotels and motels took advantage of the demand, surging hotel prices and making mandatory three-night minimums or more for bookings.

Just a couple weeks before the game, CNTraveler reported that hotel prices surged from the anticipation of Super Bowl 48. Not surprisingly the hotels closest to MetLife Stadium inflated the most to 246% while nearby towns saw a spike of 206%.

Within the highly desirable Manhattan region hotels were charging 131% making the average nightly price of a room $539. Source: 

With the cheapest ticket to the game on Saturday night hovering around $1,600, that made staying in New York more expensive than attending the game itself. Source:

Super Bowl XLIX

In anticipation of the 2015 Super Bowl game, let’s not repeat our mistakes.

Unfortunately, it does look like history has already repeated itself. In July, reported that there were limited Phoenix Hotels available.

The report stated that “almost all three-star and above hotels do not have availability… Among the extensive list of two-star hotels surrounding the stadium are large number of Motel 6’s, which also serve as several of the cheapest-priced motels at $75 per night, though are typically subject to mediocre reviews.Source: 

SO that’s it right? You’re stuck shelling out money for a sub-par room.

Not quite.

Bundle Accommodations, Tickets and More

NFL On Location’s Official 2015 Super Bowl Ticket Packages bundle your ticket to the game, hospitality, and also offer optional luxury accommodations!

Depending on the package level you choose to go with, you will receive a Super Bowl XLIX game ticket along with hospitality. Hospitality is open for three hours pre-game and essentially the most epic tailgate you will ever attend!

Hospitality is located in a luxury setting with gourmet food offerings, top shelf beverage options, interactive and fun entertainment elements, NFL player and cheerleader meet-and-greets, and more! From this exclusive hospitality venue fans will enter the stadium through their own dedicated, VIP security entrance (eliminating the hustle and bustle of finding your way through the crowds!).

Super Bowl

Additionally, packages include either an Official Super Bowl XLIX gift bag or merchandise vouchers to select your own souvenirs from the NFL Merchandise Store. NFL On Location staff will also be available on-site to assist you through the weekend to ensure you have a bucket list Super Bowl experience!

With certain packages you can even get the unique experience of being on the field post-game. That’s right, the very same field the champions are crowned on, with the confetti all around you, and you can be front and center! Similarly, packages can include in-game beverage and food service and post-game hospitality to make your Super Bowl XLIX experience truly special.

So what are you waiting for? Book early to get the best accommodations and secure your spot at the
2015 Super Bowl. Will we see you in Arizona?


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