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Spidey Senses Tingling? That’s just the 2014 Breeders’ Cup

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

August 18, 2014

Oh yes, the Spiderman reference has been made! But in all seriousness, we forget far too often that our senses are a big part of what makes our experiences so memorable and fantastic. For instance, think about attending a football game. What makes that experience so special are the sights you see, the scents your smell, the noises you hear, the flavors you taste, and the things you touch.

Without our five senses, something wouldn’t be quite right. An aspect of what makes an experience so unique is missing. This is exceptionally true when it comes to the Breeders’ Cup.

So much of the Breeders’ Cup World Championships experience comes from honing in on what is taking place all around you. Can’t see it? That’s okay because we’re about to break it down for you. Take a look at the Breeders’ Cup experience, told by your senses!

Really Experience the Breeders’ Cup

Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch.

Imagine. It’s the first day of the 2014 Breeders’ Cup World Championships. You’re waiting outside your Los Angeles hotel as your Breeders’ Cup Experiences guide checks your name off the lists and instructs you to board the charter bus that will take you to Santa Anita. You take in the sight of the elegantly dressed horse racing fans all around you, all waiting to go to the same place.

Once the bus is full, your group pulls away from the hotel. Your guide once again reminds everyone where the busses will be upon pick-up and what time you should leave the track in the evening to take the provided for transportation to back to your hotel.

The group is cheerful and excited taking in the California scenery on the way to Santa Anita Park.

Once the busses arrive at the racetrack, they pull to the private, secure entrance that Breeders’ Cup Experiences guests will be entering through. You watch as your fellow companions pull out their sleek VIP Fast Access Passes so you all can enter the track at a quicker speed and get into the line right off the bus.

The line moves as quickly as promised as before you know it, you’re standing inside Santa Anita Park on Breeders’ Cup day one – bring on the racing!

Everywhere you look, you see handsomely dressed men and elegant looking women clad in beautiful hats and extravagant attire. The announcer and track commentators can be heard over the intercom in the distance, talking to guests and preparing fans for the upcoming championship races.

You stand in awe as you can see the magnificent structure of the grandstand in front of you. Not far away is the historic statue of champion Secretariat. You can smell the food being sold in the concessions, and you smile knowing something even more delicious awaits you in hospitality.

Since there is still time before the first race, you make your way to your VIP in-track hospitality area for your complimentary breakfast. As you make your way inside, you catch your breath as you see the beautiful decorations, linen table cloths and tables upon tables of food. Oh, and let’s not forget that premium open bar set-up in the corner!

After you fill-up on all the delicious noms your heart desires, you and your friends decide to make your way over to the grandstand to check out the view from your seats and get ready for the first race!

As you make your way out of the hospitality venue into the breezeway, you see fans trying to catch a glimpse of the celebrities arriving – after all, with an event this close to LA, there’s going to be plenty of celeb sightings! You squeeze past the crowds into the grandstand and find your seats.

The view is spectacular! The San Gabriel Mountains stand in the distance, their beauty hovering over the track. The stands are so intimate that the track seems so close you can touch it! You can hear the thundering of the horses’ hooves on the track as the jockeys warm them up for the first race.

You can hear the tractor pulling out the starting gate a few poles down as they horses pass you once last time heading for the gate. Each jockey circles their horse until it’s their turn to be loaded. Once inside, the horses’ shift their weight from foot to foot, waiting for the bell to sound.

And then it happens. You hear the bell sound as the gates bang open and the horses’ move forward! They’re off and you’re on your feet cheering them on! The crowd roars as the horses take the first turn and accelerate into the backstretch. You watch on the video board as the horses move forward, positions changing constantly.

Before you know it, they’re rounding the final turn heading back to you. The top positions are fighting for the rail and the horse in the back is looking for his last chance to break. You can barely hear the jockeys urging their mounts forward because the crowds are so loud! After all, when you place your wagers on a horse, it’s hard to control your excitement.

And then the finish line is crossed! There is a new world champion! The horses continue to thunder pass to cool down and the crowds are uncontrollable!

There really is nothing like it… and that’s just your experience in the morning! You still have the full day to enjoy your exclusive hospitality access and the championship races, and then you get to repeat the experience the next day!

And if that alone doesn't get your gears running for the 2014 Breeders' Cup, check out the preview:

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