NFL International Series

NFL International Series – Your Senses Will Thank You

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

August 19, 2014

header nfl international b9de3c4abf7bfdce29aae5ec62fbd601I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, what. Where’s she going with this one.” But hang in there. You’re about to get a different take on the
NFL International Series experience. One that is going to completely blow your mind and have you saying let me pack for London right now!

Think about your favorite sporting experience. It was more than just watching an incredible play or a big win. When you think about that experience what do you remember? You remember the noises you heard around you. You remember the scents you smelled. Sure, you remember the things you saw, but you also probably remember how things felt or how the foods you ate there tasted.

That’s because our senses play such a huge role in making an experience so memorable and fulfilling for us. While they’re constantly overlooked for the actual big moments, those little moments and minute details we remember are what make us hold an experience so dear to our hearts.

So now that you understand why we’re delving into this topic, take a look at NFL International Series experience as told by your five senses!

Close Your Eyes (Not Literally) and Really Experience the NFL International Series!

Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch.

Picture this: You wake up in a luxurious hotel in beautiful London town. You quickly shower, throw on your team’s jersey with excitement, brush your teeth, and head down to catch your charter bus that will be departing shortly for historic Wembley Stadium.

In the lobby, some fans sport similar jerseys to yours while others are repping for the other team (how dare they!). Regardless of side, the NFL On Location staff instructs you all to board the bus and then you’re off! Off to experience the NFL in London!

describe the imageAs the bus drives from the center city to the outskirts where Wembley is located, you take in the sights all around you – the incredible architecture of the buildings, the hustle and bustle of those on the streets. As you near the stadium, the football fans begin to appear. You see jerseys, foam fingers and team colors as far as the eyes can see. The cheering fills your ears and you can feel the excitement of seeing your team play on international soil overtake you.

The busses drop you off outside the stadium and you make your way over to the exclusive hospitality venue where you’re about to be a part of the official NFL tailgate party! As you enter the hospitality area, your eyes rest on the array of complimentary gourmet food as the delectable smells fill your nose. In the far corner you see the premium bar offering open beer, wine and soft drink selections.

You hear the fans around you laughing, talking of the potential line-ups and offering opinions on which team will prevail. You and your group fill-up on the complimentary food and beverage options as you have a blast taking part in the games available.

As the tailgate party comes to a close, you follow your fellow fans into Wembley Stadium to find your seats in the stands. As the chanting for your team fills your ears, you and your group chime in, expressing your dedication.

describe the imageYou take your seats on the club level right at the 50 yard line (Diamond Packages – other packages offer different seating locations), and take in the field and the teams warming up below you. The scent of the fresh cut grass is incomparable. The sounds of the players talking on the field below is almost inaudible due to the noise of the crazed fans all around you.

The coin toss has been made. You settle in with your cold brew and foam finger, preparing for international domination by your team.

And just think, this experience I’ve just described has all already happened before the kick-off! Imagine how fantastic the game will be and YOU can be there! This is all possible!

How? With Official Ticket Packages direct from the NFL!

Do Yourself a Favor and Get Yourself to London!

With Wembley Stadium hosting not one, not two, but THREE international games this year, there is no better time to see your team compete on foreign soil! Take a look at the season games scheduled:

Oakland Raiders vs Miami Dolphins on Sept. 28, 2014

Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions on Oct. 26, 2014

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 9, 2014

nfl on location nfl international series game (1)Since Official Ticket Packages come direct from the NFL, there is no easier way to attend the NFL International Series in VIP fashion. Get exclusive hospitality access, VIP amenities such as open food and beverage options, provided-for transportation, and included luxurious accommodations all at one package price.

With four different package options available, there is a perfect fit for any group with any price range:


Diamond Packages>>
Sapphire Packages>>
Deluxe Packages>>
Standard Packages>>

The NFL is staking its claim in London and you have got to be a part of it! Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to an NFL On Location representative or visit QuintEvents website for more information.


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