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How 2015 Pro Bowl Ticket Packages Will Awaken Your 5 Senses

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

August 22, 2014

If you’re like me, you’re thinking: The only thing I want the
2015 Pro Bowl to awaken is my need to eat food, watch football and drink beer…

Well, that’s two out of the five senses right there!

So what about the other three? How can a hard hitting sports event really make your senses tingle, after all it’s not like you’ll be on the field? As always, I have the answers.

The Eyes are the Windows…

To some amazing sports action and more! At the 2015 Pro Bowl your eyes will truly be your guide as you navigate the various events and game itself. See players (both on and off the field), cheerleaders, performances, parties.

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Picture yourself, in University of Phoenix Stadium, surrounded by the colorful jerseys of fans and players with that beautiful, well manicured sea of green in front of you. The vividness of the pom poms in the air. See the spread of gourmet food and the open bar, which leads me to…

Taste and Smell the Rainbow

From the gourmet food, hors d’oeuvres, and dessert buffets to the bubbly goodness of soda, crisp taste of wine (possibly something stronger), or familiar swig of beer, literally taste the rainbow.

No one thinks of football games (even the 2015 Pro Bowl) as a taste experience, but with the food and beverage present at the NFL Official Saturday Night Party and NFL Official Tailgate Party (both of which you’ll be invited to with your Official Packages) the weekend becomes just as much about what goes into your mouth and what happens down on the field!

With all this delicious food and tasty beverages, your nose is bound to go into sensory overload!

Feel the Sensation

Feel the stands vibrate under you as tens of thousands of fans cheer or boo their favorite players and teams. Feel the elements on your skin. Feel it all through your Official Pro Bowl Gift Bag as you sift through your goodies that come with your 2015 Pro Bowl Ticket Package!

Bring the Noise

One of the most unforgettable parts of attending the Pro Bowl are the sounds you’ll experience. From the music playing during the Official Party and Tailgate, to the din of the crowd as it roars during every play, the sounds of the Pro Bowl are some of the most exciting you’ll EVER hear.

Get the Full Sensory Experience in Arizona

Be there next January as the NFL’s best descend upon Glendale, AZ! Just one week before the
2015 Super Bowl. Excite your senses by purchasing your experience through NFL On Location.

Pro Bowl

Get Official 2015 Pro Bowl Ticket Packages and experience everything described above. With two packages levels, select a package with all the trimmings, or the game day only package. Learn more about these options:

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Book your package and get access to the 2015 Pro Bowl, NFL Official Tailgate, NFL Official Saturday Party, on-site assistance, Official Gift Bags and much more.

Will we see you in Arizona?

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