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The 2014 College Football Season Starts with a BANG!

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

August 26, 2014

College Football Premium PackageThe 2014 college football season is starting in full force this week (hallelujah!) and if there’s one thing we know, it’s that surprises are coming. All college football fans sit down at the start of the season, searching tirelessly for top 25 preseason rankings to see where their team falls and which teams are the teams to beat. With that being said, we also all know that rankings are made to be changed. Life as we know it in the preseason will not remain the same when the season starts.

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There are some things that will never change – teams will train day and night to get a bid for a bowl game and will strategize even harder to earn their place in the first-ever College Football Playoff. And while we’re still a ways off from the first release of the regular season rankings made by the first-ever College Football Playoff Selection Committee, it’s never too early to call things how you see them.

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So without further ado, check out the things you need to know as the 2014 college football season starts with a bang!

1. Oregon is Being Picked Early

Oregon found itself at no. three on our top 25 rankings and this is why. Regardless of the Ducks falling off the map towards the end of last season with various players getting injured, their offensive line has been looking explosive this season! And we’re not the only ones with Oregon on our radar – a lot of college football fans are pegging the Ducks to go all the way.

Why? For starters, Marcus Mariota (need I say more?). While many Oregon fans thought they were losing their star QB to the NFL after last season, Mariota opted to stay in the college league for another year and he’s taking names. With his exceptional running skills and crazy passing skills, he ‘wowed’ us in the 2013 season and he has the potential to be even better this season – that’s a scary thought isn’t it?

Not to mention, while Oregon has often been viewed as a soft team not being able to stand up to the big boys at Stanford, last season, the Ducks held their own. They dominated the physical battle against other large-and-in-charge teams such as UCLA and Washington, regardless of their detrimental losses against Stanford and Michigan.

If they can be present on the public stage against these rivals, you better watch out for the Oregon Ducks!

2. The Vote for the Hardest Schedule is in!

college football national championship gold b package 1Sure, no team's schedule is going to be a cake walk, but there are definitely some teams who are set-up with more challenges than others. For example, the Florida Gators have their work cut out for them. With SEC match-ups against Georgia, Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, and Missouri on the calendar and a out-of-conference game against the Seminoles lined-up, the Gators are holding their breath and training harder than ever.

And not for nothing, Arkansas is in the same boat! The Razorbacks will be meeting Auburn, Missouri, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, and Texas A&M in their conference games, and will be competing against Texas Tech and Northern Illinois for out-of-conference games. Not to mention, their season opener is away at Auburn – definitely not the soft opening Arkansas was probably hoping for.

3. They Both Have a Claim

Everyone knows that FSU took home the gold at the final BCS National Championship. The game is in the history books and the Seminoles defeated Auburn 34-31. No one can take THAT title from them.

However, if you had just lost the national championship by three points wouldn’t you be out for a vengeance? Auburn is going to come back fighting! Their preseason training proves they have yet to lose their momentum and only time will tell what the Tigers are willing to do to win.

On the other hand, Florida State just won the national championship! When you’re coming off a high like that, you don’t want to give up the glory. These boys aren’t going to give away their title without a fight – a fight that we know these guys can make. For all you teams with FSU on your schedule, we’re sincerely sorry.

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