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Fantasy Football: Will Your Players Make the 2015 Pro Bowl?

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

September 3, 2014

As a long-time fantasy football fanatic, there are only three things that truly make me happy when it comes to my fantasy team:

1. Winning my league (DUH)
2. Talking ALL that trash
3. Seeing my beautifully drafted roster make the Pro Bowl

Don’t act like those aren’t on your list too! The phrase “If you’re not first, you’re last” is my unwavering motto when it comes to FF, and half the fun is talking smack when you win (or lose). The ultimate cherry on the top of a perfect fantasy season sundae? Seeing your players get selected the Pro Bowl; it’s like watching your team come to life!

Fantasy Football

Has your league drafted yet? Who’s your ‘can’t pass’ player? Looking for any trades yet? Well I’ll let you look at my team and that of Fantasy Football Guru, Matt Cullen, then you can let us know what you think!

Niala’s Fabulous Fantasy Football Team

I drafted into a 14-team PPR league, in 7th. Behold:

Nialas Fantasy Team 

Matt’s Slightly Less-Fabulous Fantasy Football Team

He drafted into an 8-team league, also in 7th.

Matt Fantasy Team 

So clearly there was some overlap. TE- Jimmy Graham was a must-pick as we both grabbed him in the very earlyl rounds (1st for me, 2nd for Matt), and RB- Alfred Morris was a bargain for a top ranked RB, another staple on a Fantasy Football Championship team!

In terms of QB, the pickin’s were quite slim in a 14-team league, however, I think Andy Dalton plays nicely with AJ Green and Jermaine Greshman (someone’s got to throw to these guys, amirite?)

Matt definitely got the upper hand in his league with Matthew Stafford and Nick Foles, both excellent options as starters.

Niala’s Fabulous Fantasy Team has already taken a hit with the suspension of Wes Welker and subsequent concussion. (Guess who’s picking up Andre Caldwell?!)

So fantasy players, how does your team stack up? Feel free to tell us where we totally blew it, where we scored big and if you’ve had any woes befall your fantasy team early on in the season!

Fantasy Football For Real!

While I can’t guarantee victory in your leagues, or even your ability to trash talk (it’s a skill really), I CAN guarantee your seat when fantasy football comes to life—the 2015 Pro Bowl!

Hip hip hooray mainlanders! This season’s NFL All-Star game takes place in sunny Glendale, AZ just a week before Super Bowl XLIX and YOU can be there!

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