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Why You Need Hospitality at the 2015 Super Bowl

Niala Samnarine

By Niala Samnarine

September 19, 2014

Look at you! Planning in advance. I bet your research went something like this:

Google search: Super Bowl Tickets 2015 Super Bowl tickets
(Followed by)
Google search: Glendale hotel Jan. 30 – Feb. 2

Then a wrench in your searching itinerary, everywhere you look “Hospitality” pops up. 2015 Super Bowl hospitality is ALL up in your face, and you’re just like, what is this??

Well, not to worry I’ll explain exactly what it is, why you need it and how you can get it (along with your tickets and accommodations).

2015 Super Bowl Hospitality 101

Let’s just cut to the chase and answer the question that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue:


Well friends, it’s an exclusive (and all-inclusive) VIP Party Venue! Hospitality is open three hours pre-game (Ultimate tailgate?) and is beautifully decorated and decked out! Inside guests will find gourmet food buffets so they can get their fill of all kinds of delicious food, AND open bar options along with soda, beer and wine options.


Additionally, there are tons of interactive entertainment elements, in the past there have been everything from face painters, artists on stilts, jugglers, DJs, and live performances (last year featured The Fray and Cyndi Lauper!).

Another perk of 2015 Super Bowl Hospitality is the appearances of NFL players (current and past legends) as well as cheerleaders!

Depending on the level of access you select, your hospitality will be open three hours pre-game (standard), during halftime AND post-game!

Why Would Anyone Need Hospitality?

SB XLVIII NFL On Location In Stadium 262So I know what you’re thinking, you can tailgate with your friends, right? You can go out after the game AND you can just hit up the concession stands.

Well friends, the lines and prices of concessions alone will leave you wishing you’d opt-ed for 2015 Super Bowl Hospitality! Additionally, the 2014 Super Bowl (for security reasons) did not allow fans to tailgate, so hospitality was really the only place to get this fix.

Along with NFL player and cheerleader access, performances and the VIP experience, anyone who has the Super Bowl on their bucket list needs to experience VIP Hospitality!

How YOU Can Get In!

Alright, you’re convinced. 2015 Super Bowl Hospitality is for YOU! Now what? Do you just waltz in? What about your tickets and hotel?

NFL On Location, the Official Partner of the NFL, has your solution! With Official 2015 Super Bowl Ticket Packages get:

• Tickets to the Game
• Entrance and Access to VIP Hospitality Party Venue
• Dedicated VIP Security Entrance to the Stadium
• Official Super Bowl Gift Bag or Merchandise Voucher
• On-site Staff to Assist You Throughout Your Experience

Depending on your package you can also get access to hospitality post-game, get an on-field post-game experience, in-game concessions, and more.

Package levels include:

Touchdown Club 
Red Level
Blue Level
Stadium Box

SO will we see you in Arizona?

Visit our website or call 1-866-834-8663 to speak with an NFL On Location representative who can help you start your 2015 Super Bowl experience today!


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