Pro Bowl

Fantasy Football Madness: Planning Your Line-Up

Kellie Canosa

By Kellie Canosa

September 11, 2014

PRO BOWLFOOTBALL IS BACK BABY! Bring on the buffalo wings, ice cold beer, cheers, shock, denial, tears, and most importantly, fantasy football! For us NFL junkies, fantasy football is a big occasion. You do weeks of soul-sucking research…and that’s just for a creative team name, not even a roster!

Next thing you know, you have your work computer, your personal laptop and the official ESPN Fantasy App open on your cellphone at your highly anticipated draft party… for the next seven hours! You’re fully prepared and running on all cylinders, but THEN the internet connection craps out! So what happens?

You got some guaranteed disasters on your squad, thanks to the auto-draft function that kicked in from your losing internet connect, but somehow you’re carefully optimistic about your roster; this could be YOUR year! Until your running back blows out his knee in Week 4…

Such a life we fantasy football junkies lead; its’ the emotion roller coaster we never want to get off. This is especially true after week one, and man-o-man, we sure learned a lot about fantasy football on the first Sunday of the 2014 season!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the players who dominated and the players who drowned your fantasy football starting line-up last week so you can set your line-up for Week 2!


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We learned quarterback Matt Ryan is here to kick butt, take names and win while doing it. Totaling in 448 yards passing, three touchdowns and 15 rushing yards, I can speak for all of us when I say he had a monster opener that might set him up for the best season of his career. Rumor has it that Ryan can challenge for 5,000 yards and 35 touchdowns, just as long as Julio Jones and Roddy White stay healthy.

Where do we even begin with the power house, out for blood, BRONCOS? Sunday night the stars came out to play in Denver as tight end Julius Thomas locked in seven catches for 104 yards and three touchdowns, thanks to the sheriff, Peyton Manning. If you’ve got this duo on your team, do a little dance because it’s looking like you’ll be winning the Shiva trophy.

Beast Mode - what comes to mind? Well of course the one and only Marshawn Lynch! Lynch was typical Beast Mode for the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night racking up 110 yards rushing, two TDs and one catch for 14 yards –pshh, no big deal. Yeah right, we all knew we’d be mind blown, once again!

We can’t forget about Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin!

According to, “We thought the rookie out of Florida State would be a nice fantasy sleeper as Cam Newton's favorite target, but apparently it doesn't matter who the quarterback is. Benjamin was productive enough with backup QB Derek Anderson taking the snaps.”

Rookies are something to be taken with ease when putting together your fantasy roster, but this kid plays like and has the mental toughness of a seasoned veteran. So, are you picking him up or what?


describe the imageOH it stings! Stop the bleeding! New York Giants fans and fantasy owners alike cannot be too pleased with Week 1’s loss. We all had high hopes for Super Bowl MVP quarterback Eli Manning and star receiver Victor Cruz to be on the same page, but that clearly didn’t happen.

Without a doubt the Giants didn’t play up to par, especially when Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson were wiping the floor with them. Needless to say, the Giants were a dud, but I wouldn’t shed them from your roster just yet.

Next up on the chopping block is running back Trent Richardson. There’s no easy way to say it, but so much for the Indianapolis Colts establishing the power running game.

describe the imageAccording to the, “Richardson's 2014 season is off to an awful start after his six carries for 20 yards Sunday night.”

Not entirely a total dud, but Aaron Rodgers was certainly not playing like the superstar we all love to hate as he totaled in 189 yards passing, one TD and one interception. On the contrary you had to expect low numbers for Rodgers at Seattle, but seeing him finish the week just 23rd in the NFL in passing yards was a bit shocking.

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