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Why You Should Take Advantage of the 2015 Pro Bowl in Arizona

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

November 25, 2014

QuintEvents NFL On Location Pro Bowl Baltimore Ravens Player Celebrating Touchdown resized 600 resized 600Have you heard the news? The stage is set for the 2015 Pro Bowl in Arizona! This is big news! The NFL all-star game has been hosted by Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii since 2011. Additionally, it has already been confirmed the game will return to the islands in 2016. Also big news!

Now, I know you're wondering why this should matter to you. Why on earth is this a big deal? What difference does it make whether the
2015 Pro Bowl is hosted in Arizona or Hawaii? 

Well, folks, having the Pro Bowl on the mainland is a big deal! And it's a big deal you should be taking advantage of! 

Take a look at these three reasons why you should be chomping at the bit to attend the 2015 Pro Bowl in Arizona!

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1. Travel is Easier

The average number of miles from the east coast of the US to Hawaii is 5,000 miles. The average number of miles from the west coast of the US to Hawaii is about 2,500 miles. Comparatively, from the west coast to Arizona is only about 500 miles. And from the east coast to Arizona is about 2,000 miles. 

Attending the Pro Bowl in Arizona is so much easier! It's closer which means shorter drives, shorter flights, and in turn, less money being spent on airfare or gas! 

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And let's face it - the Pro Bowl isn't going to change much from location to location. The NFL is going to host an amazing all-star event regardless of where it's held! The weather in Arizona is going to be beautiful, the NFL tailgate party will be one a fan will never forget and the game is going to be epic!

So why not spend less time traveling and more time enjoying the 2015 Pro Bowl?

2. It's Easier on Your Wallet

Another fact to consider is the cost of living. A vacation in Hawaii is not exactly the easiest on your wallet. With most hotels offering beach front rooms with their already high class status, lodging can be costly. And mentioned prior, the price of getting there is just flat out more expensive.

A beautiful, high-class hotel in Arizona is much easier on your wallet, and yet, you're still living in luxury! And the cost of traveling to Arizona simply won't make your credit card tired. 

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And since NFL On Location and QuintEvents offer Official Ticket Packages to the 2015 Pro Bowl in Arizona with transportation, accommodations and VIP extras included, you can save even more money while still having the dream Pro Bowl experience!

3. The Ultimate NFL Experience is Knocking

NFLOL Pro Bowl Tailgate Party Hawaii Group resized 600 resized 600One of the biggest announcements the NFL made this year was that the 2015 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl XLIX are both being held in Arizona! The Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl, folks! The two biggest NFL games possible in the same location! Can you say the ultimate NFL experience?

You can head to Arizona to watch the 2015 Pro Bowl LIVE and stick around to see the city set-up for the Super Bowl. We're talking NFL players everywhere, celebrities rolling in, fans filling the streets, and Super Bowl Boulevard kicking-off. Who wouldn't want to the opportunity to see an event like this take place?

And since NFL On Location and QuintEvents also provide Official Ticket Packages to Super Bowl XLIX, you could even pair both games together and stay in Arizona for the week for the most epic NFL vacation a fan could dream of!

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Get More Information Today!

What are you waiting for? The Pro Bowl is returning to the islands next year and this is your shot to take advantage of it being on the mainland! Get more information on Official Pro Bowl Ticket Packages and how you can be a part of the Arizona experience today!

Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to an NFL On Location representative or visit QuintEvents' website for more information.

So, will you be in Arizona when the best of the best take the field regardless of conference?


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