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Official 2015 Pro Bowl Teams Released!

Rory Harris

By Rory Harris

January 22, 2015

Once a year, the NFL takes it back to the days of picking teams in gym class, except with the biggest, most talented group of football players in the United States. Sounds fun, right? It was!

The 2015 Pro Bowl Draft was held on Wednesday night, Jan. 21, at the luxurious Biltmore Resort in Arizona. The two hour event aired on the NFL Network and was held on a bright stage, with the two captains decked out in highlighter-colored shirts, laughing all the way.

The captains of the 2015 Pro Bowl teams, drafting the best players for their perspective team, were former Cowboys’ wide receiver and ESPN broadcaster, Michael Irvin, and fellow former NFL wide receiver, Cris Carter.

It was a boys’ night at the Biltmore and everyone was loving it.

The Captains of Arizona

2015 Pro Bowl Captains Announced Cris Cater Michael IrvinThe draft was a fun affair, with Carter and Irvin both decked out in attention-grabbing outfits: Carter in neon yellow and Irvin in bright orange.

The two captains, along with their player captains,  conducted the draft in front of an excited crowd of hundreds of football fans, while many more fans waited outside around the building outside, hoping to get in to see the unique NFL event for themselves.

The four player captains for the 2015 Pro Bowl were picked by Irvin and Carter.  They were announced as Steelers wide receiver, Antonio Brown; Texans defensive end, JJ Watt; Brown’s cornerback, Joe Haden; and Cowboy’s running-back, DeMarco Murray.

Brown and Watt combined to help pick players for Team Carter, while Murray and Haden assisted Irvin for Team Irvin for the 2015 Pro Bowl.

During the second day of the Draft, Team Irvin and Team Carter picked some of the NFL mainstays like Andrew Luck, Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. As always, there were a few shoo-ins missing from their teams, due to teams and players’ preparation for the Super Bowl the following weekend.

This is only the second year the Pro Bowl has done away with the AFC. vs. NFC format and implemented a new concept of the teams having captains, in an "unconferenced" Pro Bowl. 

First Picks

QuintEvents NFL On Location Pro Bowl Baltimore Ravens Player Celebrating TouchdownNot a huge surprise, but the Colts’ quarterback, Andrew Luck, went first at the Pro Bowl Draft for Team Carter. Irvin picked Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, Tony Romo, for his team, making Romo the second pick of the NFL Pro-Bowl Draft.

The two teams then continued to pick their wide receivers, with Team Carter choosing the Cincinnati Bengal’s receiver, A.J. Green, while Team Irvin went with the New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr.

Irvin and Carter veered off from one another, then, with one choosing a running back, while the other picked a defensive tackle. Team Carter picked the Kansas City Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles, and Irvin used his 6th pick for the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive tackle, Tyron Smith.  

The Pro Bowl will take place on Jan. 25, at 8 p.m. in Glendale, Arizona, at the University of Phoenix Stadium, the site of the Super Bowl XLIX.

The 2015 Pro Bowl Teams

The final picks and rosters were announced last night on the NFL Network.

Here is the final, official breakdown of both teams:

Team Irvin

Team Irvin for real

Team Carter

Carter 4

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