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The Perfect Employee Reward: 2015 NFL International Series Tickets

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

January 23, 2015

Employee reward and incentive programs are only continuing to change, and rightfully so. The days of catalog programs and the same incentives used to motivate each employee are long gone. The age of unique and creative employee rewards are upon us. Rather than saying "great job" to your team and awarding them each a random item they probably could careless about, rewards are now customizable. In turn, you're not only rewarding your employees, but you're motivating them to continue to work hard for your company's bottom line.

blue presents resized 600But, what if you're not the creative type? How are you ever to going to find the perfect employee reward to reward and motivate your employees this year? 

Afterall, you want to reward your employees with something they're truly going to treasure. Something they're going to appreciate and never forget. Something that is going to make them want to turn around and share with friends and family how incredibly thoughtful their boss is and how much they love the company they work for.

That's the point of creating rewards and incentives for your team, right? To make them feel like an important part of the company and to make them want to stay with your company for the foreseeable future, correct?

Luckily, with QuintEvents' corporate experiences, you don't need to have to have a creative bone in your body! We have the absolute perfect employee reward!

Say 'hello' to Official Ticket Packages to the 2015 NFL International Series!

I can invision the shock on your face! You never imagined giving your team the gift of an experience! It never even crossed your mind that sending your team on a trip would be the perfect incentive! You would have never thought of rewarding your employees with a trip to London! 

NFL On Location NFL International Series London 3 resized 600

BUT, now that you're thinking about it, you're thinking it would be pretty awesome, right? Just picture it! The astonished look on your teams' faces when you tell them they're all going to London to see their favorite NFL teams compete this fall! The excited faces when you tell them how proud you are of their individual and team accomplishments this past year, and that you want to celebrate all the hard work they put at the company. Can't you see it? The sheer and utter excitement?!

If that picture alone doesn't convince you the 2015 NFL International Series is the perfect reward and motivator for your team, then these next three reasons will!

1. A Reward and a Motivator Combined into One

Now, I've already touched on this factor some, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time here. However, one of the most fantastic features about the 2015 NFL International Series is you can use the trip as a reward and a motivator. If you tell your employees in the near future about their trip, you're rewarding them for all the hard work they have put in.

NFL On Location NFL International Series Game resized 600At the same time, the three NFL International Series games to be played at Wembley Stadium are not until this fall. Therefore, you're going to be continuing to motivate your team to work even harder with this epic trip on the horizon! 

You're recognizing them for their success in the company, but you're also giving them something to strive for and you're encouraging them to continue working harder. What incentive program could be better than that?

2. Three Time Frames and Games to Select From

Another great feature of this employee reward is the fact there are three games to choose from. Therefore, you can make the decision to either have your employees vote on the game they want to attend and then all go together as a group (team bonding opportunity!), OR you can send them each to the game of their choice.

These are the dates and match-ups taking the field at historic Wembley Stadium this fall:

  • Oct. 4: Miami Dolphins will host the New York Jets
  • Oct. 25: Jacksonville Jaguars will host the Buffalo Bills
  • Nov. 1: Kansas City Chiefs will host the Detroit Lions

3. Group Seating and Block Hotel Stays

The worst thing you could do rewarding your employees with a trip? Giving them an activity, but then telling them they have to make their own travel arrangements and accomodations.

Wait, I can go one further. The absolute worst thing you could do is send them all on a trip and then don't seat them together. Not only would they have to pay out of pocket for accommodations and transportation, but they might not even be sitting with their friends and co-workers! NOT an ideal employee reward.

Luckily, through QuintEvents and NFL On Location's Official Ticket Packages to the 2015 NFL International Series, you can rest easy knowing block hotel stays, provided for transportation to all official events and group seating will all be included! Whew! Crisis averted!

The Budget Factor

bag of money resized 600Now, for all you managers that are going to have to turn around and talk to your CEO or CFO about this grand idea, I know what you're now worried about: budget.

Cue your sigh of relief right now because we understand you have a set budget for your employee rewards and incentives, which is why we have multiple levels of packages available. This allows you to find the perfect reward at your price point without exceeding your budget.

Not to mention, we provide easy payment terms allowing groups to pay over a period of time leading up to an event instead of all up front.

Time to Set-Up Your Incentive Trip to London!

So what are you waiting for? It's time to take the next step in creating your 2015 employee incentive trip to London for the NFL International Series!

Although Official Ticket Packages have not been released, NFL On Location representatives can supply you with more information regarding what will be included and can give you sample prices now.

Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to an NFL On Location rep or fill-out the form on QuintEvents' website to be added to the Quick Call Back List by clicking the button below.

We can't wait to see you all in London!