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5 Reasons Why You Need to go to the 2016 Pro Bowl in Hawaii

Jaclyn Harris

By Jaclyn Harris

April 3, 2015

QuintEvents NFL PRO BOWL NFL On Location 2013 Celebration resized 600The announcement has been made! The 2016 Pro Bowl is returning to Hawaii after taking a year-long hiatus in Arizona, when it was paired with Super Bowl XLIX. Now, more than ever, you should be jumping at the opportunity to attend the Pro Bowl.

To prove my point, I've compiled five reasons why you need to go to the 2016 Pro Bowl. Read on to jump off the fence and begin planning your trip to Hawaii!

1. An Excuse to Vacation in Paradise

Let's face it. We all want to vacation in paradise. BUT, when paradise could take several flights to get to, sometimes the trip seems a little less appealing. Being located on the east coast myself, I understand Hawaii is not a "quick trip" away. 

With that being said, if you were going to make a vacation out of your trip to the islands and also check a big experience off your bucket list in the process, I'd say that's a definite reason to make the trip!

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From some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes you'll ever witness, to historic landmarks, to white sand beaches boasting the clearest blue waters, to unparalleled outdoor and water activites, to delectable local fare, and much, much more, Hawaii has so much to offer vacationers. 

When you pair all of the island's amenities and tourist attractions with the NFL's all-star game, you have more reasons than you can count on two hands to visit Hawaii! So, why wouldn't you make the trip?

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2. See the NFL's Greatest Players Compete on One Field

We all have our favorite NFL teams and we all take die-hard fandom to the extreme sometimes. BUT, while we each have our favorite teams, we also have our favorite players, and sometimes QuintEvents NFL On Location Pro Bowl Baltimore Ravens Player Celebrating Touchdown resized 600due to trades and career developments, no longer play for
our team.

With that being said, the 2016 Pro Bowl provides the opportunity for the NFL's best of the best to compete on one field. In other words, all your favorite players!

Not to mention, because there is a voting process in place, you can actually vote to make sure each of your favorites make it to Hawaii.

3. The 2016 Pro Bowl is "Unconferenced"

A couple years ago, the NFL implemented an "unconferenced" format for the Pro Bowl and it's taken the NFL's all-star game to the next level. Rather than the best of the NFC and the Pro Bowl NFL On Location QuintEvents 2 resized 600best of the AFC competing against each other, a draft was implemented. NFL legends are assigned as team captains and they take all the players who were voted into the Pro Bowl (by you) and draft their teams.

This "unconferenced" element creates teammate vs teammate possibilities and match-ups fans otherwise never thought possible!

4. Experience the NFL without the Velvet Ropes

In regards to fans, once of the greatest things about the Pro Bowl is it's the NFL unfiltered. There's no velvet ropes and no red tape. Fans can get unbelievable VIP access at one of the league's biggest events!

Pro Bowl NFL On Location QuintEvents 2With Official Ticket Packages to the 2016 Pro Bowl provided by NFL On Location and QuintEvents, you could get access to official NFL parties and tailgates, the opportunity to meet-and-greet NFL cheerleaders and mascots, great seats to the game, and much more!

5. It's All-Inclusive

Finally, the last reason why you need to attend the 2016 Pro Bowl in Hawaii is that
Official Ticket Packages offer all-inclusive options. This means you can include luxurious accommodations in Hawaii and ground transportation in your package. This eliminates any need for you to book lodging yourself and any need for you to rent a car.

By bundling everything together, you can save money on the cost of necessities so you can splurge more on activities!

Get on the 2016 Pro Bowl Official Ticket Package Wait List Today!

Ready to start planning your trip to Hawaii for the 2016 Pro Bowl? Official Ticket Packages for the 2016 event have not yet been released, but by adding your name to the Quick Call back List, you can be the first to be alerted when they go on sale.

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Where will you be when the NFL returns to Hawaii?