5 Biggest Mistakes Made When Attending MotoGP Races

Rory Harris

By Rory Harris

January 19, 2015

Rookie mistakes can be easy to make when traveling or attending a sporting event. Sometimes our excitement, laziness or plain old naiveté gets in the way of having the best experience possible. 

Next event you attend, be sure not to make these mistakes: 

Not Doing Your Research

  1. MotoGP-VIP-Village-World-Wide-Dining-Inside-1Knowledge is power, people! When you take the time to look into an event, and even the area the event is being held, you most likely will find ways to improve your overall experience. 

    Many events, like MotoGP™'s grand prixs, offer hospitality areas. 

    Moto VIP Village™, available at all MotoGP™ races, offers hospitality venues with climate control and comfortable seating to escape the elements. 

    Some events may even have tours you can attend or behind-the-scenes opportunities. For instance, Moto Experiences offers behind-the-scenes looks through VIP Official Ticket Packages!

  2. Having No Plan 

Trust us, everything will go much smoother if you have a plan. Nothing ruins a trip quite like a late arrival or a forgotten item.

Before the event, make a quick checklist of things you might need while attending. Also, you should be sure to see if you can find an itinerary or official schedule of the event so you know exactly what you are walking into before you arrive. 

  1. Forgetting a Camera or Phone for Pictures 

Moto-Experiences-MotoGP-VIP-Village-2014-VIP-Clients-2A picture is worth a thousand words. You can easily re-tell your experience to friends or family by taking a few well-strategized photos of the event. You should have your camera or phone ready throughout the entire event so you can be ready to snap a frame-worthy pic at a moment’s notice. 

The best way to make sure you remember the memories you are making is through photos. Plus, you can be the envy of all your followers on social media if you have the right pictures to post! 

  1. Not Taking Advantage of Extras Offered 

    Everyone loves a good freebie. A lot of events have free swag or some sort of extras you can get if you know the right people or have access to the right places. Before, or even while at the event, do a little recon and see if you can nab some memorabilia from the event. You will thank us later. 

  1. Keeping to Yourself 

    All events are opportunities to meet new people. You will miss out if you do not take the opportunity to network and meet people from all over. You will enjoy your outing to any event so much more if you enjoy the people surrounding you. 

    You can also learn more about the area by chatting up locals or more-seasoned attendees.

Experience An Event the Right Way

Catalunya2You can have an all-inclusive experience at a MotoGP™ Grand Prix with Moto VIP Village!

As a VIP of Moto VIP Village™, you will have access to outdoor marquees and exclusive suites which feature air conditioning and race coverage.

You will also receive delicious, gourmet food throughout the day, as well as have access to a premium open bar.

You can even get an exclusive look at MotoGP™ with pit lane walks and tours of the starting grid. As a VIP, you will get to sit in on rider Q & A’s and receive photo-ops with MotoGP™ famous riders!

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