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Billboard Music Awards Decades Quiz

Allie Shriver

By Allie Shriver

November 16, 2016

Fall Out Boy- Billboard Music Awards

Music has a way of transforming a person. You can turn on your favorite song and your mood instantly changes. You can hear a song on the radio and be transported back to a memory. Music can bring people together and music can heal hearts. There are songs about love, anger, disappointment, and my favorite- happiness. Music makes you feel, dance, and sometimes cry. The best part about music though is how is can transcend time. Songs written in the 1940s can make you feel just as much as a song from the 1990s. While each decade has a distinct sound and style, we can all agree we can’t live without music.

The Billboard Music Awards pays tribute to the music of yesterday and today each year with a larger celebration. There are live performances from today’s artists and legends in music are usually honored with an achievement award. While we celebrate the music of today, it is always fun to listen to music of the past. We’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate music across the decades with the Billboard Music Awards.

We think we can guess which decade you were born in based on your answers to our music questions below. Let us know if we guessed correctly below in the comments!

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