College Football Playoff

College Football Playoff: Fan Favorites by State

Allie Shriver

By Allie Shriver

September 14, 2016

College-Football-National-Championship Top Ten Football States

College Football is finally back in full swing and we’re loving every moment of it! This season has already seen some serious shakeups and we’re only in week 3. This is why the United States is in love with college football – you never know what is going to happen. As a country united in the love of a sport, we’re not afraid to be divided over the love of a team. College Football fandom is not taken lightly in the United States.

Based on common knowledge, a lot of “Googling,” and sheer guessing – we’ve compiled a map of the United States showing which team each state (mostly) pulls for.

 College Football State Favorites

Now, it is quite noticeable that several teams are missing from our map­ – this is by design. We wanted each state represented by one team, even when that state boasts three or more quality teams and fan bases. So as a consolation, I’m giving you the top ten football states in the United States of America! 

  1. Texas: Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech
  2. Alabama: Alabama, Auburn, Troy
  3. California: University of Southern California, Stanford, California, University of California Los Angeles
  4. Michigan: Michigan, Michigan State
  5. Ohio: Ohio State, Kent State
  6. Florida: Florida, Florida State, Miami
  7. Mississippi: Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Mississippi
  8. South Carolina: University of South Carolina, Clemson
  9. Louisiana: Louisiana State University, Louisiana Tech
  10. Georgia: Georgia, Georgia Tech

It is no surprise the south reigns supreme as the top College Football supporters in the US; it’s in their blood. Families are divided and friends become enemies during football season down south. You eat, sleep, and breathe your team. Waking up each Saturday in the fall feels like Christmas morning.  You can hear the call of “Roll Tide” walking down the street and soft sounds of “We Hail Thee” drift above William Brice Stadium. You can see the “Longhorn” fingers held high and arms “Tomahawk chopping” from miles away. Traditions are carried on by football fans across the nation, but nothing compares to football in the south. Dressed to the nines, the fans flock to the stadiums for tailgating and fun. You can tailgate like southerners this Saturday with some help from QuintEvents staff here.

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