College Football Playoff

College Football Playoff National Championship at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Allie Shriver

By Allie Shriver

April 4, 2017


College Football fans, prepare to be blown away by this year’s College Football Playoff National Championship Game location – Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Located in the heart of Atlanta, this brand new stadium is sure to change the way you think about attending a football game. The stadium is state-of-the-art, spacious, and most importantly – fan friendly. Be prepared to experience the biggest game of the season in style. Let’s take a closer look at Mercedes -Benz Stadium.

The Stadium

This beautiful building is a modern marvel. The retractable roof is just one of the many highlights for this new design. The operations team will be able to open and close the roof to control the amount of sunlight and fresh air coming into the stadium based on the event. All designs, construction, and operations were carefully planned with sustainability in mind. Whether hosting an Atlanta Falcons home game or the World Cup, the flexible seating design allows the stadium to fit the crowds’ needs. Easily changing from 75,000 seats to 83,000 seats is a breeze with the newest seat technology. Don’t just look for moving seats, be on the lookout for beautiful art displays throughout the stadium and its grounds.

The Food

The fan experience is the number one priority for Mercedes-Benz Stadium and boy, do they nail it on the head. The food will be local favorites priced to please all guests. This stadium boasts the most affordable food in professional sports. With 15 different restaurants, a family of four can eat for less than 30 dollars in a football stadium! There are more than 670 concession locations for food sales, self-service soda stations, and increased on-site kitchen space to ensure all food is fresh and fast. We can’t wait to try everything on the menus.

The Experience

There is no denying this football experience will be unlike any other. The glass walls, expansive walkways, and amazing views of the city are just the start to this incredibly crafted experience. From the drive in to the exit out, this stadium has covered everything. The Waze app has step-by-step directions for parking. Magnetometers and 40% more of them make security a breeze. Once inside you enjoy the American Family Insurance Fan Village before and after the game for food, beverages, and entertainment. The Sky Bridges inside provide you with views of the city and the field. Be sure to check out the 100 Yard Club on the 300 level with a unique area of concessions and bars where not a moment of game action is missed. Concourses have been designed to allow fans to explore every level even without a ticket in that level. The seats are wider here and there are 22% more bathrooms in this stadium. To top off all the new amenities and fan friendly designs, Mercedes-Benz Stadium installed the best of the best wireless and cellular network throughout the stadium so you can stay connected at all times.

College Football Playoff National Championship

This stadium sounds like any football fan’s dream. Don’t believe me? See it for yourself when you attend the big game with us in January 2018.  Not only will you have access to the glorious stadium, you’ll have some of the best seats the house has to offer, premium hospitality, and accommodations. You cannot say no!



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