College Football Playoff

College Football Playoff National Championship: Gold Packages

Allie Shriver

By Allie Shriver

December 19, 2017

College Football Playoff

The College Football Playoff National Championship is just around the corner and your time to attend is running out! If you’re going to go, then you want to do it right. Go as a VIP with one of Playoff Premium. The Gold Level packages are at the top of ticket package chain – and rightfully so. They provide the best seats and exclusive opportunities that cannot be matched.

Tickets to College Football Playoff National Championship

Let’s get to it. Here’s what you can expect with a Gold Level package to the College Football National Championship in Atlanta, Georgia.

Where You Sit

We have two Gold Level packages: A and B. The only difference between the two is your seating location.

Gold A puts you at lower level on the prime sidelines. Your seats will be located in the 100 level between the 30-yard lines.

Gold B puts you in the club level on the prime sidelines. Your seats will be located in the 200 level between the 30-yard lines.


Postgame Photo Opp

The most momentous aspect of the gold packages is the opportunity to take photos on the field after the game. This access is entirely restricted for the general public. The exclusivity of such an opportunity should not be wasted. This is the perfect time to snap a photo with your friends and family while the field is covered in confetti and everyone is celebrating the National Champions.

Game Day Hospitality

Join us for the biggest pregame party in the whole city! Prior to the National Championship you will have access to a premium in-stadium venue, which is open 3 hours prior to the game. It includes a full premium menu (also known as gourmet food and decadent dishes) as well as a top-shelf open bar. Collegiate Football Legends also make appearances throughout the day – you never know who you might run into. In addition, the party venue includes interactive entertainment elements. What that means in plain English is that there’s fun to be had! 


We don’t just give you a party! We round out this amazing package with so much more! You will be given an Official College Football Playoff Gift Bag, an Official Game Program or Program Voucher, and a Souvenir College Football Playoff Lanyard with Ticket Sleeve. You also have the option to purchase Preferred Playoff Premium Stadium Parking.

Get Your Gold Package

The best seats in the house. On-field photo opportunity. Hospitality. Lodging. When you add all of these things together, you have the perfect package for the College Football Playoff National Championship. Gold Level is the way to go if you really want the most exclusive and enjoyable experience available.

Click below to learn more about the individual Gold packages or give us a call at 1-866-834-8663.


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