College Football Playoff

College Football Playoff Tailgating Playlists

Allie Shriver

By Allie Shriver

September 29, 2016


There is nothing quite like a Saturday morning college football tailgate at your favorite school. Across the nation, fans gather in parking lots, fields, and on the quad every Saturday for old-fashioned tailgating with friends and family. Cheering on your school is a highlight of the college experience that many continue to enjoy as alumni. Parking in the same spot, eating the same food, wearing the same sweatshirt from college are all traditions that have emerged over the years. These traditions are passed down through families resulting in strong bonds with the team. We’re taking a look at three schools that take tailgating to a whole other level!

  1. The Classic: Ole Miss

Tailgating at Ole Miss is an art form. Fans take over The Grove each Saturday before their team takes the field for a refined tailgating experience. Food is served on china, bourbon is served on ice, and the attire is fancy around here. With 10 acres of magnolia, elm, and oak-lined field, you feel like you’re truly entering the deep south. The traditions here run deep and stick with the alumni forever. To tailgate at Ole Miss, be sure to pack classic finger foods pre-made as you cannot cook over an open flame. Be sure to dress in your best light blue, navy and red before you arrive. With families and several older alumni floating around, we have the perfect College Football Classic Tailgating playlist for you!

  1. The Country: Alabama

When you think Alabama, you think country. With arguably the best team ever, tailgating is not an option–it’s a requirement. The Quad opens at 6pm the night before a game so die-hard fan/tailgaters can snag their spot before the competition arrives. Alabama has one of the largest fan bases in college football which means not only are current students and alumni showing up, but also the general public. The Quad is one of the most beautiful locations for tailgating across the south. You are guaranteed to be greeted with a strong “Roll Tide” yell when you arrive and the delicious smell of Southern BBQ. This tailgate is filled with BBQ, southern fixin’s, and good cold beer. While the Greek life show up in their Sunday best, you can tailgate here in whatever you’d like as long as it's crimson colored. Here’s a College Football Country Tailgating playlist to get you through an Alabama tailgate.

  1. The Millennials: South Carolina

The University of South Carolina has a long tradition of supporting its football team. While the love for this team is deeply rooted, the crowd tailgating is a much younger group. Most of the tailgaters are millennials. If you’re lucky, your family purchased a Cockaboose several years back for the small price of $300,000. Each Cockaboose (a luxury train car) is customized inside but the outside are all the same, classic train cars on a track right outside William Brice Stadium. With such a youthful crowd, the food is a step above traditional tailgating. Gourmet burgers, health conscience sides, and craft beer are staples at this tailgate. Be sure to snag the hippest garnet and black attire at a locally owned boutique. We have a complex College Football Millennial Tailgating playlist for this tailgate, but be warned – it has a few explicit songs as this generation likes to push limits.    

Tailgate Like a VIP

While tailgating is a highlight of the day, nothing compares to the feeling when your team wins. Be in Tampa, Florida, this January to cheer on the two teams who make it to the College Football Playoff National Championship. You can tailgate with us like a VIP before the game with in-stadium hospitality. Not only will you have access to gourmet food and beverage, you’ll have premium seats and the opportunity to meet college football legends!


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