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Embark on a Journey with Ocean Alexander

Victoria Barnett

By Victoria Barnett

October 26, 2015

Flybridge_Cruiser_Ocean_AlexanderLast week, I was able to catch up with Richard Allender, Director of US Operations at Ocean Alexander, as well as Sally Doleski, Marketing Manager at Ocean Alexander.

Ocean Alexander has been a part of Richard’s life for quite some time both as a consumer and now as a member of the OA team. Because of this, he is able to offer a perspective from different sides of the boating industry.

Being a previous Ocean Alexander owner himself, Richard has firsthand knowledge of how an OA operates and what can be done to enhance its quality and performance. In fact, it was his experience with an OA yacht that ultimately led to his joining of the OA team. It all made perfect sense!

During our conversation, Richard pointed out how boating means so many things to so many people. But you have to ask the question, “What do you intend to do with this boat?”

With Ocean Alexander, the answer is simple. A typical OA owner is a seasoned boater who lives for the journey of going offshore to, many times, a far out destination. Sometimes the trip could take a day, or even a month, so these owners know they need a substantially-built yacht that can withstand the elements.

It’s about the journey, not the destination. This phrase is one we hear quite often, but it certainly rings true for Ocean Alexander.


As Richard discusses, many boaters want to spend months traveling north into Canadian waters, island hopping in the Caribbean, or going to further destinations in South America and even Europe. When they are boating offshore in heavy seas, they need a strong defense underneath all of the luxury – a priority OA puts at the top.

Sally explains this in further detail:

“OA boats are heavier than many in its class and designed to be strong. We want it to look beautiful and for owners to enjoy time on board, but ultimately it needs to be safe. If you are caught in bad weather, the owner and guests shouldn’t be worried.”

Although safety and strength are of most importance, an OA is certainly not lacking in style. Whether you ask an OA owner or see for yourself at the boat show, “traditional yet contemporary” are words typically used in reference to an Ocean Alexander yacht. As Richard describes it, an OA yacht has a traditional exterior with a contemporary, updated interior so years from now the boat will still have a classic design regardless of new trends.

You can certainly go online to view the style of boats, but, as Sally mentions, it’s really when you walk on the boat and can feel the wood and linen that makes the experience complete. At this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show you will find four Ocean Alexander boats on display ­– two variations of the 100 ft. as well as the 72 ft. and the 85 ft. – located at the F Dock in spaces 614, 616, 618 and 620.


Besides focusing on the build and craftsmanship of their boats, Ocean Alexander also puts emphasis on the community surrounding OA owners. The company hosts VIP events for prospective buyers and current owners to attend and holds a rendezvous twice a year for owners to meet each other and form friendships. In fact, the rendezvous in Seattle this year had over forty boats in attendance, and when it ended, boaters went up to Alaska for summer cruising.

To Ocean Alexander, it is about more than just providing a boat. It is about the journey and community.

“When you buy a boat, it’s a lifestyle. It’s not enough that we just supply a boat for them but to also create other moments that add to the whole part of owning an Ocean Alexander.”

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