Formula 1™ in 2017: What Cars Will Look Like

    By Darragh Farrelly

    With changes aplenty to aerodynamics, wider tires and overall aesthetics of each F1™ car lining the grid, the upcoming season is one of the most anticipated in recent memory. Though most teams will keep fans in the dark over their teams’ respective cars for the 2017 season until models are released mid- to late-February, regulations are set to give cars an overall more aggressive look.

    2017 Car Launches

    February 21: Renault

    February 22: Force India

    February 23: Mercedes
    February 24: Ferrari and McLaren

    *The remaining teams are expected to release models on the morning of the first Barcelona test (February 27 – March 2), with teams eager to maximize development time. 

    Will Cars Be Faster?

    F1 cars 2017.jpgWith claims made by the FIA that cars are going up to three seconds faster with new aerodynamic designs in place, coupled with the natural development rate; the answer is yes. In 2016, we saw track records set in both Bahrain and Austria, and with wider tires and lower weights to the cars, expect to see more upward trends in 2017. 

    Wider Tires?

    Yes, tires will be much wider in 2017 than in 2016, front tires 305m-wider rather than 245mm, and rear tires 425mm from 325mm, to be exact. This measure has been put in place to increase grip and reduce downforce on drivers. 

    Are Engines Going to Be as Loud?

    For almost two years now, fans have taken issue with the level (or lack of) noise being generated by the V6 engines. With whispers of a manufactured ‘sound generator’ to crank up the volume, the FIA have confirmed higher revving engines and more noise will be a staple of the 2017 season. 

    Bodywork Changes for 2017






    245mm wide thread

    305mm wide thread



    325mm wide thread

    405mm wide thread







    +/- 5 degrees profile incidence

    +/- 10 degrees profile incidence

    Front Wing


    1650mm span

    1800mm span, swept plan view shape




    Simplified endplate legality

    Rear Wing

    Top wing

    750mm wide, 950mm high

    950mm wide, 800mm high



    Rectangular endplate

    Swept endplate in side view and tucked in front view


    Steep plane

    1400 max width; 1300mm min width; Edge radii <50mm constant

    1600 max width; 1400mm min width; Edge radii <100mm variable


    Reference plane

    Starts 330mm behind front axle

    Starts 430mm behind front axle



    Homogeneous Plank

    Pocketed plank for weight saving



    125mm high, 1000mm wide, starts at rear axle

    175mm high, 1050 mm wide, starts 175mm ahead of rear axle



    1400mm max width

    1600mm max width


    Side pods

    No constraint

    Swept leading edge in top view



    Big exclusion zone behind front wheels

    Reduced exclusions zone allowing for larger bargeboards



    702kg max weight

    722kg max weight + tires (est 5kg)


    How Will Teams Line Up?

    A full guide of how your F1 teams can be found here. As of yet, Manor Racing has not confirmed its line-up for the forthcoming season. 

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