Gate 6 Hospitality at The Masters®

    By Evan Chronis

    Running for an entire week at the beginning of April, The Masters Golf Tournament® is a monumental event that captures a global audience every year. Because of the significance of The Masters®, Augusta can get pretty crazy, even if you are there for just a day.

    For those looking to get the ultimate experience at The Masters® with none of the stress, we introduce to you Gate 6 hospitality. 

    With indoor and outdoor access, plus other premiums accommodations, Gate 6 hospitality is one of the premier spots to be during The Masters® 2019.

    Here's what it looks like to enjoy Gate 6 hospitality at The Masters®.

    Gate 6 Hospitality Outside

    Gate 6 Hospitality at The Masters®Chef Aaron May

    What's Included?

    • All-you-can-eat food buffets
    • Food prepared by celebrity Chef Aaron May
    • Premium open bar
    • Live TV coverage of the tournament 
    • Indoor lounge area
    • Covered outdoor patio seating

    Hours of Operation

    • 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

    Convenience is KeyGate 6 Inside-1

    Gate 6 hospitality is an oasis from the crowds and weather during any day throughout the week. You can relax and watch the tournament from the convenience of Gate 6's patios and live TV coverage, while enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. 

    You will also have the luxury of storing anything you don't want to bring back to the course with you, including recently purchased items or bags, at Gate 6 hospitality.

    For more information about how to utilize your hospitality during The Masters®, check out How to Navigate The Masters®.

    Close to the Course

    The Gate 6 venue is conveniently located right next to the main entrance to Augusta National®. Located in the Publix lot on Washington Road, our guests can make the quick trek onto the grounds from either the North Gate off of Washington Road or the South Gate off of Berckmans Road. This location also makes it easy to go to and from hospitality throughout the day!

    Gate 6 Hospitality at The Masters

    Join Us at Gate 6 for The Masters® 2019

    Your spot at Gate 6 hospitality awaits! When customizing your trip to The Masters® 2019, make sure to add Gate 6 hospitality to guarantee all of these exclusive extras. 

    Contact us about adding Gate 6 to your experience.

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