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Get to Know Susan Phipps: Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show Concierge, Pt. 2

Carolynn Wilcox

By Carolynn Wilcox

October 27, 2015

Part 2: Her Work and Experience

11133685_10202735325424517_7937613837619941203_nMeet Susan Phipps, our designated concierge for the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, owner of Freedom Events Management and lover of all things related to the marine industry!  Let’s take a look into the years of industry experience she’ll be contributing to the VIP Boat Show hospitality offered inside the Windward Club throughout the course of the Boat Show.  Bonus:  Be sure to check out more insider news in parts one and three of this interview!

In this second piece of the interview series, we’ll get to dive a little deeper into Susan’s experience in the marine and boating industry as well as what she loves about her work!

  1. What is Freedom Events Management and its relation to the marine/boating industry?

I left MarineMax five years ago after taking a trip to Italy and getting really excited about the cheese and wine there.  I started a cheese and wine shop during the height of the recession.  It’s now morphed into a wine bar with cheese pairings, we do classes.  I’d done the fun part, which was opening the place, doing the whole conceptualizing and marketing – my forte.  I did it all.  I wasn’t interested in running the back office and the day-to-day, so I stepped away and got back into events and marketing.  I was looking for the next challenge.  I started this company, started reaching out to old clients and people I had met through MarineMax, and started picking up customers here and there.  That’s how I got started again.  

  1. Ft-Lauderdale-International-Boat-Show-Boats-21Describe your clientele.

Could be a boating manufacturer that reaches out to me because they’re having a product launch or they want me to create an event around a new boat or they’re trying to attract certain clientele.  Or, in the instance of the Abacos, the resort reached out to me to help them with marketing, starting a new wedding program at the resort, increasing sales at the marina, and bringing charter people in and guests that were in the boating industry.  I’ve also started venturing into charity work.  I’ve done a couple of charities and fundraisers, which I really enjoy – I love the giving back part.  Some of them I donate my time to, others actually pay me to do it.  Every client’s different, and their needs are different, so I work around that. 

  1. What’s the best part of your job?

I love the networking aspect – I love connecting people.  I love it when it’s a win-win situation and I had something to do with it.  In the events arena, I love conceptualizing, I love the creativity that it affords me, the challenges when it comes to budgets and making something work with a little bit of money to do it on. 

  1. What is something people might find interesting about your job?

I brought ‘Below Deck,’ a TV show about the charter boat industry to film season 3 at the resort in the Abacos that I scheduled the wedding photo shoot for.  So I got to spend two months with producers, day in, day out, with back-to-back charters and 60 crew members, as well as all the working pieces and components that went together to put that show together.  The show is now airing, so I get to watch it on Tuesday nights!

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