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GRAMMYs 2017 Recap

Allie Shriver

By Allie Shriver

February 13, 2017

If you didn’t watch last night’s GRAMMYs, you didn’t do yourself justice. The live performances were the best we’ve seen in years and the speeches were moving in a way that brought you sheer joy. Where to start– the performances, the winners, the losers, or the host?

Adele, of course. She stole the show with two epic performances and two tearful speeches. She is the woman every girl strives to be. She is classy, elegant, and has the mouth of a sailor we’ve come to love.  Her opening number of “Hello” further solidified the world’s infatuation with her. Adele walked out with not only the Song of the Year Award and Record of the Year Award, but the Album of the Year Award. We can all agree she deserved both accolades for 25 even if we were a bit shocked. Her rendition of “Fastlove” as a tribute to George Michael was captivating and heartbreaking. After a rocky emotional start, Adele started the song over after profusely apologizing for cussing. There wasn’t a dry eye in the building by the end. Her first speech was humble and gracious even after her producer was cut short. During her album of the year speech, she impressed the crowd once again by turning the mic to her producer allowing him to speak. Then she wowed the world with her gracious and kind tribute to Beyoncé.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the white elephant in the room. Beyoncé was robbed of Album of the Year. Lemonade smashed down the walls black woman in America have built around their feelings. But this album was more than just an album bringing light to issues about race. This album brought to light a whole new side of Beyoncé. We shared in her struggles as a wife, mother, and woman. Lemonade is a game-changer for artists, producers, and Beyoncé’s fans. She has empowered an entire population of people who feel oppressed and unheard – that’s true power. We love that Adele made sure to point this out in her speech. Here’s hoping Beyoncé doesn’t let this get her down and those twins inspire a new work of art. We’re thrilled she took home the Best Music Video Award.

My hands-down favorite moment of the evening was listening to Chance the Rapper accepting his two awards for Best New Artist and Rapper of the Year. He was so happy. That emotion radiated through the airwaves straight into my living room. He continued to thank god, his family, and anyone he could think of. His emotions left him at a loss for words which is shocking as he always has the perfect answer to everything. He’s living proof hard work and chasing your dreams can result in something phenomenal. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this star.  

If you missed Lady Gaga’s performance with Metallica, you missed one hell of a show stopper. She killed this performance and we hope her world tour is everything this performance was. Ed Sheeran once again showed the world how talented he truly is while Katy Perry made quite a political statement with the Constitution. Alicia Keys popped up during Maren Morris’s performance where both women wowed the crowds with their powerful pipes. My favorite performance was Bruno Mars’s tribute to Prince. He was flawless as usual and even Blue Ivy’s Prince attire couldn’t outshine Bruno.

James Corden killed the hosting game as we all knew he would. His jokes were funny, his “mishaps” were well timed, and his improve with no pants had the audience dying. Who else could get Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Jason Derulo, and NEIL DIAMOND to sing “Sweet Caroline” behind a fake car windshield – ok, to be fair, Ellen probably could.    

Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch

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