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Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya de MotoGP™

Kellie Canosa

By Kellie Canosa

May 21, 2014

The MotoGP™ World Championship will hold the seventh round of the 2014 season at the Catalan racetrack on 13 - 15 June; get ready because YOU will want to be there! With MotoGP being completely dominated by Marc Marquez, you will be there to witness history being made, and to bask in the glorious weather and atmosphere of Barcelona

The Circuit

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, formerly known as the Circuit de Catalunya, has been hosting races every year since 1991, along with conducting extensive testing at the venue. The track hasn’t seen much change since its origin, but that doesn’t make it familiar to the drivers.

Barcelona's mix of high and low-speed corners, plus its abrasive and somewhat bumpy track surface, makes for a physically and mechanically stressful race. Along with the extreme tire wear and shifting winds that swirl in across the circuit, this grand prix will be tricky. 

CatalunyaFast Facts

First Race Held: 1991
Modified: 1995
Race Laps: 25
Lap Length: 2.937 miles
Race Distance: 73.4 miles

The best place for spectators to watch is turns one, two, four, 10 and 14, as they are the track’s most famous overtaking opportunities for riders. According to MotoGP.com, “Turn 1 is the main overtaking point at Catalunya, as it is a braking zone at the end of a long DRS straight. The inside and outside are just as difficult as each other for overtaking; if you can hold it around the outside of turn one, then you get the inside for turn two.”


Trivia: 2013 marked the 23rd time Barcelona has hosted the Spanish Grand Prix, and Dani Pedrosa claimed the fastest lap ever recorded with a time of 1’40.893. 

Why Go?

Besides the MotoGP World Championship, Barcelona has something to offer everyone, which is why it’s now one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. Barcelona is a great city that has it all; it is filled with the latest shops and businesses, while offering mystique and history all at the same time.

Here are the top six reasons why you should visit Barcelona:

  • Weather: Barcelona has a mild climate throughout the year. The coldest time of the year is usually from December to February, and the hottest months are June to August. Pack accordingly! 
  • Beach: Barcelona is located on the coast and there are miles of beaches all along the north. The main beach of Barcelona is divided into five or more smaller beaches, and each beach offers a different atmosphere. All promise relaxation!
  • Architecture: Known as the capital of Modernism, you can find many monuments built and designed by famous the Antoni Gaudi, in addition to the spectacular gothic Cathedral and the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar.
  • Cultural Life and Festivals: There are many art galleries and museums in Barcelona. Being a cosmopolitan city, you can constantly find artistic and cultural exhibitions throughout the city.
  • FC Barcelona: Fútbol fan or not, the stadium of the FC Barcelona team is worth the trip. For those who do enjoy going to fútbol games, there are games almost the entire year.
  • Fashion: For the ladies! Barcelona is popular for its unique and innovative fashions; you can find many styles like the famous Zara, or famous designers like Ailanthus, El Delgado Buil, and Custo.

Be There, You Won’t Regret it!

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You can be there in Barcelona, one of the most famous destinations in all of Europe, while the young Spaniard, Marquez either makes or breaks history! Regardless, it’s going to be a race for the ages. The stakes are high and you amigos and amigas are going to be there to witness it all! So, get to packing! YOU ARE GOING TO BARCELONA!