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Hatteras Yachts Aims to Go the Extra Mile

Victoria Barnett

By Victoria Barnett

October 30, 2015

Hatteras_GT70_Photo_by_Jim-Raycroft-912920-editedI had the opportunity to get on a call with John Ward, avid fisherman and President and CEO of Hatteras/CABO Yachts.  

There is a reason John has been in the marine industry for over twenty-five years. Boating is not only a part of his career; it’s a part of his life. When John is not fulfilling his duties as President and CEO of Hatteras Yachts, you can find him spending as much time as possible casting a line aboard his own boat.

During our conversation, I quickly learned John places high importance on the relationships he builds with Hatteras owners. Coming from Boston Whaler where thousands of boats are built each year to now being a part of a company that produces a limited quantity of yachts, John enjoys the unique aspect of walking through the journey with each of the owners from beginning to end. The relationship starts with the purchase process, then moves through the building phase, and continues after delivery.

John’s rapport with Hatteras owners spans the globe into several international markets in Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia and Australia. Although the U.S. market is the strongest because of Hatteras’ heritage, the expansion into other markets is clearly thriving.  

“I travel all over and it’s amazing to go to these different parts of the world and see our product there. You see that the company is well-known and has a following.”

As to be expected, John hears various customer perspectives throughout his traveling endeavors. Most often, customers remark on the craftsmanship and superior ride of the boat.

John expands on this:

“Everyone talks about quality. But when your customers and the industry denote you as a brand that is quality and stands above others, that’s a sense we really do have a quality product. We also have great seakeeping capabilities. Whether it is a boat that we sold today, or ten years ago or even fifty years ago, that’s something inherent in part of our brand.”


Most importantly, as John points out, Hatteras backs the brand with world-class customer service that extends far beyond the U.S. borders.

“We stand behind the product and take care of our customers. We have this incredible relationship with our customers where we are able to send factory technicians anywhere and everywhere in the world to take care of issues.”

Hatteras has worked to build this reputation for the past 56 years and continues to make it a part of their mission along with new products and new ideas.

You can see for yourself at the 2015 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show where Hatteras will debut the Hatteras 70 Motor Yacht and the latest GT70 Hatterascal. A total of seven yachts will be on display at the end of the C Dock in Bahia Mar.

“We want to give consumers access to the product to experience the Hatteras brand and see the new products firsthand.”

In fact, Hatteras’ goal for the next year is to generate plenty of opportunities for customers to experience the yachts directly. Hatteras will open a new Yacht Sales Center at Pier Sixty-Six in Fort Lauderdale, which creates the perfect setting for prospective owners to see and preview the yachts and participate in a sea trial. In addition, the Hatterascal will be on tour starting in Fort Lauderdale – a tradition Hatteras is excited to renew.

“We have this great brand, a great new owner, fabulous new products, new energetic marketing, worldwide distribution, all of which adds up to a company that will be very successful and growing, which you will see beginning at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.”

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