Here is Why Buying Through an Official Event Source is the Best Way to Go

Jazzy Morgan

By Jazzy Morgan

September 6, 2017

Clubhouse Courtyard Guests at The Kentucky DerbyHave you ever bought tickets to an event, been flooded with excitement and anticipation for said event, and gotten there only to learn your tickets aren’t real and you’ve been swindled? We are here to put an end to your pain.

QuintEvents is proud to be an Official Hospitality Provider to the greatest names in sports and entertainment with the guaranteed security and exclusive benefits from our partnerships. We are built on our mission to deliver everything promised to our customers. By working directly with the event organizer, we are able to give our customers an elevated experience they will never forget.

Security and Reliability

Our tickets come directly from the event organizers, like Churchill Downs® and UFC®, so you can be sure you are getting everything straight from the source.

Our unique packages are not subject to market fluctuations. With fixed pricing, you don’t have to worry about "playing the market" and running the risk of being priced out.

Exclusive Benefits

Through our Official Partnerships we provide more than just tickets and include exclusive perks with every package. Perks such as, luxury hospitality, meet-and-greets, world-class accommodations, transportation, and more that you can’t get through anyone else.

More Than the Event Itself

Along with tickets and hospitality for each specific event, we also offer parties, tours, parking, and other services to add to your package for a complete experience outside of the event venue as well.

If you’re interested in sightseeing areas around the event, we can extend your hotel accommodations before or after the event to suit your needs.

Special Delivery

To ensure you receive your tickets and everything you need on time, we ship your package in advance of the event or offer on-site pickup and will keep you personally updated when it’s on its way.

In addition to this you will receive emails leading up to the event that include important information such as thorough event schedules, FAQs, what to wear guides and any other vital details you need to know to ensure you’re fully prepared for an unforgettable experience.

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We believe in cherished memories, moments shared together, and creating incomparable once-in-a-lifetime experiences through our Official Partnerships. For over a decade we have had success in delivering these experiences to our clients with dependability and credibility.  If you’re interested in any of the events we offer and would like more information, fill out the form or give us a call at 866.834.8663 and we will assign you to an expert sales rep that can answer any and all of your questions!


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