How Much Does it Cost to Attend NBA All-Star Weekend?

    By Allie Shriver

    NBA All-Star 2020

    NBA All-Star 2020 is just a month away and we cannot wait to be in the Queen City! We’re excited to see the biggest names in the game right now! Where else do you get to see NBA stars all together at one time?  We know what you’re thinking – how much does all this cost?

    How Much Does It Cost to Go to The NBA All-Star Game?

    The cost of attending NBA All-Star 2020 varies by the events you want to attend and extras you’re looking for. The best thing to do before you buy is to plan out your budget. Let’s take a look at what some of the biggest elements you need to budget for are. Let’s say you’re a family of four who wants to attend the State Farm All-Star Saturday Night, the 68th Annual NBA All-Star Game, and at least one smaller event.


    You can buy get in the door tickets to the Rising Stars Practice, NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, Rising Stars, NBA All-Star Practice, NBA G League International Challenge, All-Star Saturday Night, and the 2019 All-Star Game. These tickets are usually priced based on seat location in the arenas and typically start around $25 for the smaller events. All-Star Saturday Night and the 2018 All-Star Game typically start around $100.

    Total lowest cost: $500

    Hotel and Transportation

    Once you get your tickets to the events you want, you’ll want to find your hotel. Hotels are ranging between $300- $700 dollars per night (according to IHG Hotels). You’ll want to check in on Thursday and out on Monday to enjoy every possible moment of NBA All-Star Weekend. Once you’ve booked the hotel, you’ll want to arrange your transportation. This means renting a car, using public transportation, or a cab/app service. This presents a slew of challenges to consider before you decide. Rental car companies will be sold out and if you do get lucky, you’re looking at hours of traffic and a rate of at least $150 a day (according to Enterprise) not including gas. An app service such as Uber will have surge pricing all weekend and you’ll want to consider the distance of your hotel before you book this. 

    Total lowest cost: $1950

    Food and Drinks

    The last and possibly most important factor of your trip is the cost of food and beverage. You’ll want to eat as much as possible before entering the arena where each item of food is at least $10 and each beer is $14. Your best bet is to find a restaurant in the area, which will most likely be packed, for dinner before you enter. L.A. is known for being expensive; plan to spend at least $35 per person at dinner for three nights. Don’t forget that the games will be played relatively early each day as they are aired on eastern time. This means you’ll want to go out at LA Live after All-Star Saturday Night. This is easily another $200 for whatever you choose to do.    

    Total lowest cost: $620

    Total Cost

    We’ve explored almost every aspect of your trip separate from Charlotte activities you may want to experience other than NBA All-Star events. This trip for four at barebones is looking to cost about $3,070. This is before tickets hit the market and skyrocket to meet the demand, before hotels have sold all inventory, and before all cars have been booked for the weekend. These factors with increase you cost by at least 30%. That bring your total to $4,000. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to scare you away from attending one of the most fun events all year. We’re just trying to lay out the costs in the most transparent way possible. You can attend NBA All-Star Weekend and have the best weekend ever after you jump through about 20 hurdles.

    Attend NBA All-Star 2020

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