Explained: How NBA All-Star Voting Works

    By Evan Chronis

    In an attempt to keep the annual celebration fresh, the NBA has made consistent tweaks to the All-Star Game format over the past few years. 

    What used to be a mid-season battle between the best from the Eastern and Western Conferences has turned into a more playful crossover between the two halves of the league, including the most anticipated televised draft of the entire year. 

    While we care about the players that show up for NBA All-Star 2019, we care almost as much about how those players get named to the All-Star team. 

    It may seem complicated at first glance, but it's actually quite a simple process. 

    Here's how voting works for NBA All-Star and how players are selected:

    How Starters are Selected

    The NBA still leads by democracy when it comes to the players selected as starters at NBA All-Star 2019.

    NBA All-Star 2019 fan voting opened up on December 25 and concluded on January 21. The fan vote weighs the heaviest when it comes to starter selection, representing 50-percent of the final tally. 

    The NBA did something different this year — allowing fans to vote straight from Google and Google Assistant while also being able to submit a ballot through NBA.com and the official NBA App. The ballot allows voters to choose three frontcourt players and two guards. 

    Fans can only vote one time per day, with the NBA running five "2-for-1 Days" during the open voting period in 2019.

    Along with the fan vote, the other 50-percent is split between the media panel and the current NBA players ballot — 25-percent each. 

    The media panel and players are only allowed to complete one ballot, with all current players available for selection. Current players are allowed to vote for both teammates and themselves if they so choose. 

    After all the scores are tallied, the players are ranked based on Fan Rank, Player Rank and Media Rank. Their final ranking is determined by this formula provided by the NBA: 

     (Fan Rank * 2 + Player Rank + Media Rank)/4

    Here are the Starters for the 68th Annual NBA All-Star Game

    Western Conference

    • Lebron James (Captain) — Los Angeles Lakers
    • Stephen Curry — Golden State Warriors
    • Kevin Durant — Golden State Warriors
    • Paul George — Oklahoma City Thunder
    • James Harden — Houston Rockets

    Eastern Conference

    • Giannis Antetokounmpo (Captain) — Milwaukee Bucks
    • Kyrie Irving — Boston Celtics
    • Kemba Walker — Charlotte Hornets
    • Kawhi Leonard — Toronto Raptors
    • Joel Embiid — Philadelphia 76ers

    NBA All-Star 2019

    How the Reserves are Selected

    The reserves are selected in a much simpler, more straightforward process. All 30 NBA coaches are given a ballot with the ability to select three frontcourt players, two backcourt players and two wild card picks.

    There are seven reserve players selected per conference, with all 14 players entering the reserve pool for the NBA All-Star Draft. 

    The 2019 NBA All-Star Draft

    Once all 24 players are voted into the All-Star Game, it's time for the All-Star draft. In only the second year under the draft format, the NBA has announced that they will be airing the event live on television. 

    Both captains — in 2019 it's Lebron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo — start by selecting the eight players remaining in the starter pool. 

    After each side has its starting lineup, the captains fill out the rest of their roster from the 14 players in the reserve pool. Both rosters will be made up of 12 All-Stars. 

    Tune in to the NBA All-Star Draft Show on Thursday, February 7 on TNT to see how the rosters pan out. 

    NBA All-Star 2019

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