How to Attend the MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix on a Budget

Rory Harris

By Rory Harris

January 29, 2015

The 2015 Red Bull Championship™ is the perfect weekend getaway, full of thrills, celebrations and delicious food!

Moto-Experiences-MotoGP-VIP-Village-2014-Moto-3-1If you are considering attending the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix™, but do not want to break the bank, we have some tips on how you can do it.

Here are a few ways you can attend the MotoGP™ grand prix on a budget:

1. Book Early 

As with everything, the earlier you get jump on tickets, the better! If you want to make sure you are as savvy as possible when booking your trip to Austin, you should book any travel arrangements or accommodations sooner rather than later.

2. Go with a Group 

If you want to save money on transportation and accommodations, your best bet is to go with a group. To make your experience the best and the cheapest it can be, you should grab a few friends to take with you!  

You can split the cost of transportation, share a hotel room and share meals to save a few bucks. You will have even more fun with your loved ones and fellow MotoGP™ fans by your side!  

3. Go All In (with an All-Inclusive Experience)

MotoGP-VIP-Village-World-Wide-Paddock-Tour-Experience-1With an all-inclusive experience, you can have meals, drinks, transportation, and accommodations provided for you under one price.

With Moto Experiences, you can easily have an all-inclusive experience at the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas™.

Official Ticket Packages include VIP access into the official hospitality venue, complete with gourmet food and access to a well-stocked, open bar. Better yet, the venue is located right in the circuit within the Paddock Building, so it's close by.  

4. Pick the Right Package!

When it comes to booking an experience, it is all about picking the right package. There are several packages to select from making it a little easier on your wallet:

Paddock Building Packages>>

Main Grandstand Packages>>

With all three packages, you will have great views of the circuit, the starting grid, the start and finish lines, and the first or final turns of the grand prix. Since the packages are all-inclusive, too, they will be well-worth it!

5. Make It Worth the Trip 

65676_571082682924972_1775348738_n_(1)The best way to ensure you get the most for your money is to make your trip to Circuit of The Americas™ unlike any other.

As an Official Ticket Package holder, you can be sure your trip will be memorable. Moto Experiences takes VIPs behind-the-scenes of the world of MotoGP™. As a guest, you will go on Pit Lane Walks and attend Paddock Tours.

To take the experience to the next level, package holders will even get to attend rider Q & A’s where they will get photo-ops with MotoGP™ celebrities!

How to Attend the 2015 Red Bull Championship in Three Steps: 

1. Pick Your Package 

The first step you need to take is simple: pick your package. Moto Experiences offers a variety of packages with various inclusions, perspectives and price points. 

2. Take the Next Step 

Once you have picked your package, you can easily attend the grand prix by either filling out a form on the Moto Experiences' website or contacting an Official Moto Experiences Representative at 1-866-242-3615 about which package you think best fits you.

This is also a great opportunity to speak with a representative about any questions you may have. 

3. Add Accommodations/Transportation

Package holders have the option of adding accommodations to their experience with some of Austin’s finest hotels located a convenient distance from the circuit. In addition, guests can receive transportation to and from the hotel and circuit.

You can make your trip as easy and worry-free as possible with adding accommodations and transportation to your trip!

You will not want to miss one of the most exciting events of the 2015 MotoGP™ season at Circuit of The Americas™.