4 Ways to Bond with Your Team Through Experiences

Evan Chronis

By Evan Chronis

August 20, 2018

I worked in the fast food industry throughout high school and for a couple of my years in college. One thing I enjoyed about that experience was the camaraderie felt between myself and the other employees behind the counter and in the kitchen during any given shift. But that sense of bond that I felt with other employees wasn't natural, and definitely wasn't a given — it was earned. 

Team-Bonding-BlogOne day our restaurant put together a "field trip" of sorts to our corporate office in another state. I went under the impression that I could gain some professional experience outside of slinging fries into a box, but left with something completely different. 

The trip was an experience in the realest sense of the word. My fellow coworkers and I went through behind-the-scenes tours, engaged in team-building games and exercises, and sat in on talks to help better our understanding of the business we front — there's a lot of craft and care that goes into something as mundane-seeming as fast food. 

But the point of this personal anecdote is not to brag about a five-hour bus ride I took or a giant corporate office that I visited. It's to reflect on the aftermath, and how that one experience brought our team closer together. Work was different after our trip — we were more cohesive as a unit and were more open with one another throughout the workday. No matter any of our differences, we were tied together by a singular experience that only we could share. 

It helped create a better, and way more productive, work environment. 

At QuintEvents, we believe that an experience is more valuable than any palpable item or gift that one can receive. An experience is something that sticks in your memory and shapes your relationships with the people you participated in it with for years to come. That's why our slogan is "Beyond Tickets".

We believe that we can provide experiences that help bond your team, big or small. Through any of our event offerings, the opportunity is there to see growth in the personal and interpersonal aspects of your corporate team. 

If you're still not sure what this all looks like, let me walk you through the ways that an experience through QuintEvents helps with team bonding. 



Behind-the-Scenes Tours

One of the great advantages of securing an Official Ticket Package with QuintEvents or through one of our partners is that most experiences offer a version of a behind-the-scenes tour. The idea of a behind-the-scenes tour may seem outdated due to the over saturation of information that we have with the rise of media — what is truly unseen anymore? But I can assure you that, that's not true. 

I've seen firsthand the effect that a tour can have on a group. During our Barrett-Jackson Northeast event in June, I accompanied our guests on several tours throughout the weekend. We went behind the auction block, went to the private staging area and saw much more than the normal attendee. It was a moment of privacy and intimacy between the group in a basketball arena filled to the brim with people — quite a moment of rarity.

But I was shocked, once again, at the aftermath. I witnessed the people I accompanied on the tour later in the weekend reminiscing on the experience and making callbacks to things they had scene or even small things that had happened during. The tour offered a moment between people in a sea of noise and commotion. 


Meet & Greets with Pro Athletes

When I was in college, a group of friends and I camped out for a few hours at a hotel in Charlotte for the chance to meet world soccer star Mario Balotelli. The chance to meet him turned into me grabbing a blurry selfy with Mario in the background as his security rushed him from one room to another. The funny thing? My friends and I still mention that story all the time. 

So what if you could actually meet pro athletes with your friends, and the pro athletes actually wanted to see you? That's what QuintEvents can provide, and my low-key stalking of an athlete can't. 

Several of our Official Ticket Packages offer the chance to meet the biggest names in whichever sport you're attending. 

Let's highlight the UFC for an example. Through the UFC VIP Experience, we bring the biggest and brightest names the sport has to offer into our private hospitality suites to meet fans, hang out and sign autographs. Fighters also come out for the Mic'd Up With Modelo Q&A session — a more formal, but equally valuable experience. UFC_226_Onsite-84-1UFC_226_Onsite-98

Photo Opportunities

What's the best way to reflect on a memorable experience? Looking back on photos normally does the trick to spark conversation. When hard times fall at work, there isn't a better pick-me-up than looking back at a photo from a company outing and remembering that your team is built with the specific people to get you through any situation. 

At any of our events, we have staff photographers available to document your team's entire experience even if you have your phone handy. Whether it's photos of your team engaging in an activity or just of the venue itself, you won't quickly forget the time you spent at our events. 


Private Hospitality Options

As mentioned before, it's really nice to get away from the crowds sometimes. Going to an event like the Super Bowl or The Masters® is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but the mass of people there can make it difficult to enjoy it with your team. 

That's the mission of our private hospitality options — we want you to be able to escape the noise and enjoy the time your at the event with the people that you hand picked to join you. Private hospitality gives you the opportunity to dine and talk with your team, further enhancing the bond between you all. It's also a stress reliever and an oasis, if needed, from some of the hectic things that can happen during any given sporting event. 


Bond with your Team at an Event!

Take a look at the QuintEvents' calendar of events to pick out the right experience for you and your team! You won't be disappointed. 


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