How to Customize your Trip to The Masters®

    By Evan Chronis

    We all know how hard it is to get tickets to The Masters Golf Tournament®, whether you want to go with friends and family or whether you are entertaining corporate clients for business purposes. 

    Tickets are difficult to come by, but through QuintEvents we can not only offer you access to Augusta National®, but also a fully customizable experience at The Masters® 2019. 

    Customization is key when it comes to The Masters®. Access to the tournament runs Monday through Sunday, with hospitality and hotel options also available. Regardless of why you're going to The Masters®, buying through QuintEvents allows you to experience the tournament the way that best works for you and your group.

    The Benefits to Customizing Your Trip to The Masters® 

    Entertaining Corporate Clients

    The Masters Golf Tournament® is the perfect event to bring corporate clients, or even potential clients, to.

    Masters Gate 6 hospitality

    Through our program, you can customize every facet of your trip and plan out each day, especially if you are entertaining multiple clients at once. For example, you can secure access on Monday and Tuesday for a handful of clients, while also buying grounds access on Thursday and Friday for a completely different group. 

    You can hand select their hotel accommodations, as well as the hospitality options that we offer. If you're entertaining multiple groups at once, you can give one access to Gate 6 hospitality, while putting the other in 1018 Club, or vice versa. 

    Basically, whatever way you deem best to impress the clients that you are bringing to The Masters® is possible with QuintEvents. 

    Rewarding Your Team

    1018 Club Hospitality-2-1

    Whether your corporate team likes golf or not, there's no doubting that The Masters® is one of the most prestigious events to attend in all of sports. That's why access to the 2019 tournament could be a great reward to your team for a job well done. 

    Corporate events can include a lot of planning that can get quite tedious before even arriving at the destination. That's why our offering is so valuable. If you want to secure access for the whole week, you can. But if there is any sort of complication in scheduling, you can split up everyone's access by day so that they don't have to miss out. 

    Plus, our two hospitality options, Gate 6 and 1018 Club, offer a fantastic oasis for your group to enjoy the tournament from. 

    It's À La Carte

    Are you tired of the word customization yet? 

    Well, we can't stress the importance of our offering enough. Instead of getting stuck in a ticket package offering with some inclusions you didn't originally want, we allow you to handpick your access, hospitality and hotel à la carte. 

    If you just want grounds access, you can get it without hospitality. But if you won tickets through The Masters® lottery, you can then add hospitality and hotel accommodations for your selected days without needing to purchase any additional tickets. This gives you full reign over how you want to experience The Masters®

    The Masters 2019

    Start Planning Your Trip to The Masters® 

    It's never too soon to start planning your trip to Augusta National® next year. It can be as simple as securing grounds access for one day right now, and then adding more days and hospitality in the future. But it's always a good time to start the discussion. Contact us about starting to customize your trip to The Masters® 2019. 


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