Top 5 Experiences to Reward Your Employees

Evan Chronis

By Evan Chronis

August 8, 2018

QuintEvents wants to help you, your employees and your company as a whole.

Employee rewards are an integral part of maintaining a productive work environment and keeping employee engagement at a sustainable high. A reward system incentivizes a specific employee or team unit to work to accomplish goals at an efficient rate for your company's growth and their own personal and professional development.


By combining event tickets with premium hospitality, unique access opportunities, accommodations and transportation, QuintEvents wants to bring your company out to an event to create an experience that will only prove beneficial to your company's morale and future. 

But the question remains: Does QuintEvents have the right event to reward my employees with? The odds are that the answer to that question is a resounding "Yes!"

Need help picking something out while going through our calendar of events? Here's our top five event experiences that we recommend you bring your company out to!


The Masters® 2019

Notice that your employees are always talking about hitting the links on the weekends? Why not reward them with the premier golf experience at The Masters® 2019. 

Experience Augusta National® like never before with a package from QuintEvents. Choose the perfect package for your company to enjoy the biggest major in golf, whether that be for a single day or the whole weekend! Regardless of whether they're golf fans or not, your employees will love everything that The Masters® has to offer.

Why this event? You can fully customize your weekend and select exactly the number of tickets your company needs for each day and which people go on what day. 

The 2019 Kentucky Derby®

Want to give your employees a chance to dress even fancier than they do in the office? Consider taking them to the Kentucky Derby®! Churchill Downs® is the most famous racetrack on the planet and is the perfect destination to take your staff to as a reward for a job well done. 

Derby Experiences is the official partner of Churchill Downs®, and offers a myriad of Official Ticket Packages for you to consider with whatever budget you are working from. The best part of the Derby — it's an experience that goes well beyond the actual race. Give your company the ultimate social outing to not only encourage team building, but also offer a pat on the back for a job well done. 

Why this event? We have so many package options that you can view the race from almost any angle possible, combine it with hospitality, take your team to one of the many parties, and even get local accommodations. Your company can enjoy any of the unique options that the Derby offers!

The Breeders' Cup® 2018

If you want to gift your employees a Kentucky Derby®-like experience, but Spring is your busy season — look no further than the Breeders' Cup®. The race normally takes place in November and maintains the prestige of an event like the Derby, but with the leaves just being a darker shade. 

Through Breeders' Cup Experiences, we offer official ticket packages to the Breeders' Cup® with a variety of diverse seating and experience options. Pick the perfect experience that you think best fits your employees desires, and enjoy the world championship of thoroughbred racing. 

Why this event? Similar to the Derby, customization is key when it comes to planning an event outing with your company. Our Breeders' Cup® packages allow you to choose the perfect experience that will fit right into your company's style.

The Open Championship 2019

Our options aren't just restricted to the United States, luckily. If you're an international company or just looking to give your employees a premium travel experience, consider going to The Open Championship 2019 at Royal Portrush. The Open Championship is the third major championship of golf's calendar year, and the only one to take place on international soil. 

Through The Open Experiences, your employees can enjoy on-course hospitality, premium food and bar options and much more! Your employees deserve the best, and there's nothing quite like The Open Championship.

Why this event? Extras, extras, and more extras. Don't just take your employees to The Open, but give them a chance to experience behind-the-scenes extras and exclusive tours to put the cherry on top of a once-in-a-lifetime golf experience. 

The 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame

Want to show your employees what the reward can look like for an excellent job well done? Consider taking them to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the ultimate recognition ceremony in sports! We are obviously saying that in jest, but there's no joke when it comes to the amazing experience we offer at Canton through Pro Football Hall of Fame Experiences

A trip through Pro Football HOF Experiences offers your employees access to the ultimate weekend — they can attend the Class of 2019 Autograph Session, Enshrinement Ceremony, Hall of Fame Game, Parties with Pro Football Hall of Famers and much more!

Why this event? Do your employees or company love football? Whether the answer is yes or no, our experience with the Hall of Fame offers a weekend of bucket-list activities that you wouldn't get anywhere else. 

Give Your Employees the Ultimate Experience

If it's still too difficult to decide which event is right for your to reward your employees with, take a look at QuintEvents' official event calendar to get a better picture of what we offer!


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