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It's All About Family at HydraSports Custom

Victoria Barnett

By Victoria Barnett

October 26, 2015

HydraSportsCustom-53Suenos_1-959106-editedLast week, I hopped on a call with Terri Nuechterlein, a lifelong boater who heads up Public Relations/ Marketing for
HydraSports Custom.

Terri has always been an avid boater, even while living in Colorado to now living in the Florida Keys. When I asked her if she currently owns a boat, I could hear the excitement in her voice as she proudly stated she owns a HydraSports Custom 23 Bay. There is no doubt she puts her money where her mouth is!

From a consumer standpoint, Terri can attest to several key features of a HydraSports Custom boat. For example, she shared with me how she can easily have three or four people fishing off the front or back of her boat, on the same side, yet it remains perfectly level. In her eyes, the dry, comfortable ride, and stability along with the attention to detail and craftsmanship make a HydraSports Custom boat stand out.

HydraSports Custom owners remark of the same qualities. Because Terri works the booth at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, she is able to directly hear the feedback from current HydraSports Custom owners as well as prospective owners. Every year, she learns more and more from these interactions, but most often, she hears two particular comments about HydraSports Custom: they are well-built boats and the company stands behind its product 100%.

You will find that all HydraSports Custom owners are family-centered, a persona deeply rooted in the company itself. As Terri mentions, everyone in the company is a boater, from top to bottom. In fact, the owner of the company is gone all summer on his HydraSports Custom boat with his family, using the time to build relationships and interact with other boaters.

“It’s a family between sales staff, clients, service staff and ownership of the company. We are boating through-and-through. It’s what all of us live for. We are all about the boating lifestyle.”

HydraSports_53_Suenos_2Not only is this lifestyle deeply rooted within the company, but HydraSports Custom makes an effort to show the lifestyle and sense of family among all HydraSports Custom owners by holding events throughout the year. Every year, HydraSports Custom hosts a fun, family-friendly fishing tournament and a run to Bimini during the summer. As soon as the events end, the questions start popping up about next year: “What are the dates for next summer? We have to make sure we are there.”

Whether it is because HydraSports Custom finds a way to give every owner the customizable boat he or she desires, or because of the family values the company embraces, there is a reason most HydraSports Custom owners are repeat owners.

As Terri puts it, “It’s a feather in our cap. It’s our standing behind the product that makes people come back year after year.”

This year at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, you can find the HydraSports Custom family at the Convention Center (Booths 2022 and 2035) and at the H Dock at Bahia Mar. On display will be three of the company’s newest model 53 Sueños, the world’s largest, outboard powered, center console!  Also on display is the 4200 Siesta,  newly outfitted 3000CC, and the 23 Bay Bolt. 

And remember:

“Tournament fish on Saturday. Cruise with your family on Sunday,” is not simply a HydraSports Custom motto. It’s a lifestyle.

For more information, visit Images courtesy of HydraSports Custom. 

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