Mastering Marquez: A Look at MotoGP™ World Champion Marc Marquez

Rory Harris

By Rory Harris

November 4, 2014

Zero to One Hundred, Real Quick


In the world of MotoGP™ racing, it is hard to find a bigger name right now than Marc Marquez. 

Making his debut in 2008 at the Portuguese Grand Prix as a 125 cc racer, Marquez made a name for himself at an early age. At only 15 years old, he won his first podium, and few short years later he would graduate into a Moto2 rider.

After being crowned a world champion of 125 cc and Moto2, there were a lot of expectations riding on the 21-year-old, as he was entering into his first season with MotoGP™ for Repsol Honda. He did not disappoint.


MotoGP™ Magic

Now a MotoGP™ bonafide rider, Marquez has fulfilled fan’s expectations, to say the least. During the 2014 season, he won the first 10 of 18 races, making him a world champion for the second time, and gaining him international notoriety. In other words, the MotoGP™ rookie has changed the game.

With a unique, easy style that has critics raving and fans cheering, he has mastered the art of moto racing in ways his competitors have yet figure out. Marquez soars through corners with an ease that leaves his competitors scratching their heads. As he lifts his rear for turns, he puts his brakes on as if headed for a straight.

Considering turns tend to be kryptonite for even the most talented riders, his mastering them has fascinated fans and opponents alike.

Moto-Experiences-MotoGP-VIP-Village-2014-Winner-8-1Many riders have had issues imitating this unique move but Marquez uses it as a way to surpass his rivals. It is not just his handling of corners, though, that has set him apart in the world of MotoGP™. He has cast a slight shadow on any other riders’ successes.

This is due to the fact that he is simply the best and the youngest to be the best. He possesses an envious confidence on his bike and tyres. 

Maybe it’s his youth or his track record, but the Spanish rider wears a certain off-the-cuff looseness while riding that that has made him particularly fun to watch. It also makes his excessive amount of wins easier to digest.

The One to Beat

For other riders to beat him in the final races this season and in seasons to come, they will most likely need to adopt a different type of riding style.

The only thing more difficult than beating him as an overall rider may be gaining the amount of popularity he has accumulated. Even veteran riders like Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo have not been able to gain the international attention that Marquez has garnered in only a few short years. He has brought more excitement, youth and a contagious smile to the sport.


Looking Forward

Repping the Honda Repsol team, Marquez and his teammate, Dani Pedrosa, have made up one of the most successful teams in MotoGP™ racing this 2014 season.

With their combined wins this year, Honda was able to win their 21st Constructor’s Championship. Marquez has continued to evolve each year into the sophisticated athlete that he is today. He is now, also, one of only four riders to have won a world championship in three different categories when he became the world champion at Japan.

Following his achievement, though, his winnings stalled for several races. He even crashed at Phillip’s Island and left the race “mystified"

However, he regained momentum and more when he managed to match legend Mick Doohan’s record of 12 wins in one season at the Malaysian Grand Prix last week. Marquez will attempt to beat Doohan’s record with a thirteenth victory at Valencia on Nov. 9.

With 44 wins, 68 podiums, and a whopping 1,717 points acquired under his MotoGP™belt, everyone has one question in mind for Marquez: What is next for the titleholder?

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