Merry 'Quintmas' from QuintEvents!

Victoria Barnett

By Victoria Barnett

December 25, 2015

Quintmas.pngMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the QuintEvents family! We love this time of year as we dress up in our fanciest tackiest sweaters, eat more desserts than we can count, listen to Christmas music 24/7 and celebrate the holiday with our friends and families. To keep going with the holiday spirit we all have, I asked the wonderful people in the company to share what their favorite Christmas/Holiday traditions are as well as their favorite Christmas movies. Check it out!

Matt Cullen

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – Opening up one present on Christmas Eve

Favorite Christmas Movie – Christmas Vacation

Natalie Topper

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – Making pizzas on Christmas Eve

Favorite Christmas Movie – Love Actually

Will Knier

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – Opening a gift on Christmas Eve

Favorite Christmas Movie – Die Hard

Jaime Villegas

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – The ENTIRE family gets together every year on Christmas Eve and we eat, drink, and open gifts at midnight. Christmas Day is used as a recovery day. By dinner time we’re all ready to do it all over again!

Favorite Christmas Movie – Home Alone 1 & 2 and How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Steve Ellis

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – My Dad’s breakfast feast, and reading through the true Christmas story while we chow down.

Favorite Christmas Movie – Jingle All the Way

Carolynn Wilcox

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – When I was little, my mom would hide a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree that my brother and I would hunt for.  Whoever found it first got an extra gift!

Favorite Christmas Movie – The Muppets’ Christmas Carol…it’s so hard to choose just one, though!

Mark Rhodes

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – Playing games with Great Grand & Grandkids

Favorite Christmas Movie – FRED CLAUS

Kevin Livingston

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – Drinking whiskey with my mom on Christmas Eve

Favorite Christmas Movie – Home Alone

Allison Merrill

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – Since all of my extended family lives several hours away, Christmas has always just been me and my parents.  Every year after we open presents, we go to the movies.  It’s silly, but it is typically the only time that all three of us go to the movies together all year.  I can’t wait to start new traditions with my husband next year!

Favorite Christmas movie – It’s a tie between Millions and Love Actually

Vinay Patel

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – Going to see Christmas Lights

Favorite Christmas Movie – Die Hard

Tiffany Doolittle

Favorite Christmas/HolidayTradition – Going to see a movie with my mom when all of the families go their separate ways to visit.

Favorite Christmas Movie – ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas… So basically all Christmas movies are my favorite.

Brandon Alexander

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – Making Chai sugar cookies with cinnamon eggnog icing (AKA Christmas for your tastebuds!!)

Favorite Christmas Movie – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Loren Hebel-Osborne

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – Attending midnight mass at church then sleeping in Christmas morning!

Favorite Christmas Movie – I’ve never grown up. I love Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Christmas Vacation is a close second.

Victoria Barnett

Favorite Christmas/Holiday Tradition – Going to Chili’s on Christmas Eve with my family and then watching A Christmas Story that night

Favorite Christmas Movie – Elf

What are your favorite holiday traditions and movies? Share in the comments below!