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NFL Draft 2017: A Closer Look

Allie Shriver

By Allie Shriver

May 9, 2017


If you’re a football fan, chances are you caught at least a glimpse of the NFL Draft this past weekend. There were spectacular choices made and some choices we’re still scratching our heads over (cough, the Bears). Teams rounded out their rosters with the freshest talent they could draft. There are seven complete rounds of the Draft but for the sake of time, we’re taking a look at the first round.

There was no doubt that Myles Garrett the defensive end from Texas A&M was going to go first. The Browns quickly scooped him up and we move on to a bit of drama. The Bears gave up three picks in the next two years to move up one spot. Wouldn’t be so dramatic except they choose a Quarterback– in a year where quarterbacks weren’t very strong and they really needed a defensive player. But the drama doesn’t stop there, they drafted a Quarterback that has very very little starting experience when they’re in need of a new experienced QB. The next few picks came and went with very little surprises until the Panthers snagged running back Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey is the son of Ed McCaffrey who has won three Super Bowls. He’ll be a weapon for Cam Newton and could help the “Cardiac Cats” rise to the top once more. A few more trades for picks were made the first round was closed out with the Browns gaining three new players and the 49ers, Saints, and the Titans gained two players each.

It’s no surprise that the SEC dominated in the draft this year. Four players from Alabama went in the first round and three players from LSU. For a closer look at the college side of things, you can read check out our thoughts here.

Here’s a complete list of the first round: 

1 Browns Garrett, Myles DE 6'4" 272 Texas A&M
2 Bears (From 49ers) Trubisky, Mitchell QB 6'2" 222 North Carolina
3 49ers (From Bears) Thomas, Solomon DE 6'3" 273 Stanford
4 Jaguars Fournette, Leonard RB 6'0" 240 LSU
5 Titans (From Rams) Davis, Corey WR 6'3" 209 Western Michigan
6 Jets Adams, Jamal S 6'0" 214 LSU
7 Chargers Williams, Mike WR 6'4" 218 Clemson
8 Panthers McCaffrey, Christian RB 5'11" 202 Stanford
9 Bengals Ross, John WR 5'11" 188 Washington
10 Chiefs (From Bills) Mahomes, Patrick QB 6'2" 225 Texas Tech
11 Saints Lattimore, Marshon CB 6'0" 193 Ohio St.
12 Texans (From Browns through Eagles) Watson, Deshaun QB 6'2" 221 Clemson
13 Cardinals Reddick, Haason LB 6'1" 237 Temple
14 Eagles (From Vikings) Barnett, Derek DE 6'3" 259 Tennessee
15 Colts Hooker, Malik S 6'1" 206 Ohio St.
16 Ravens Humphrey, Marlon CB 6'0" 197 Alabama
17 Redskins Allen, Jonathan DE 6'3" 286 Alabama
18 Titans Jackson, Adoree' CB 5'10" 186 USC
19 Buccaneers Howard, O.J. TE 6'6" 251 Alabama
20 Broncos Bolles, Garett OT 6'5" 297 Utah
21 Lions Davis, Jarrad LB 6'1" 238 Florida
22 Dolphins Harris, Charles OLB 6'3" 253 Missouri
23 Giants Engram, Evan TE 6'3" 234 Mississippi
24 Raiders Conley, Gareon CB 6'0" 195 Ohio St.
25 Browns (From Texans) Peppers, Jabrill S 5'11" 213 Michigan
26 Falcons (From Seahawks) McKinley, Takkarist DE 6'2" 250 UCLA
27 Bills (From Chiefs) White, Tre'Davious CB 5'11" 192 LSU
28 Cowboys Charlton, Taco DE 6'6" 277 Michigan
29 Browns (From Packers) Njoku, David TE 6'4" 246 Miami
30 Steelers Watt, T.J. OLB 6'4" 252 Wisconsin
31 49ers (From Seahawks through Falcons) Foster, Reuben LB 6'0" 229 Alabama
32 Saints (From Patriots) Ramczyk, Ryan OT 6'6" 310 Wisconsin


The End Results

Where does the Draft lead us? To the Super Bowl of course! Without quality players, there’s no quality football. We’re hoping to see some of these guys play in the Big Game in Minnesota next February. Based on the Draft results and the offseason activity, there are quite a few standout teams coming our way this fall. Football is just around the corner ladies and gents – we can’t wait.

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