Super Bowl

The New England Patriots Win Super Bowl LI

Allie Shriver

By Allie Shriver

February 6, 2017

What a game. That’s all I can really say this morning – What. A. Game. We all suspected the New England Patriots would win Super Bowl LI but we never imagined it going down the way it did. We witnessed history last night. The first history making moment was the largest comeback in the history of Super Bowls. The second history-making moment was the only tie in Super Bowl history. The third history making moment and the most important, we now have a five-time Super Bowl Champion Quarterback and Coach. Only one other person can boast they hold five rings and that is Hall of Famer Charles Haley. That’s a true testament to the talent and hard work Tom Brady and Bill Belichick put into this team.   

Tom Brady has always been hailed as a magnificent quarterback but last night shot his glory into the stratosphere. He will forever be the “Greatest Of All Time” – if you ask a Patriots fan. There’s no denying Tom Brady’s talent and willpower but that doesn’t mean you have to like him. His performance for the first three quarters in last night’s Super Bowl aka the biggest game of the year was mediocre by Brady standards. He couldn’t connect with a receiver to save his life and he looked, well, completely deflated going into the fourth quarter. Out of nowhere, he pulled out a comeback, unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a Super Bowl.

Game Time

The Atlanta Falcons blew a 25-point lead but, boy, they give us one hell of a game. They were so in sync and showed the world they were ready to take home a championship. The world was behind Matt Ryan and this young team. The entire offensive line was on fire; there wasn’t a connection Ryan didn’t make. The defense responded to Brady in a way that shook him to his core. The pressure this defense put on Brady was so impressive. The entire first half the Falcons dominated, but to be honest, we were all a bit disappointed in not only the commercials but the game. We know the Falcons couldn’t hold that lead for much longer and one slip up earned them a penalty pushing them out of field goal range that would have won the game. Alas, there’s always next year boys.

Let’s talk MVP. While Tom Brady walked away with the title, I think the MVP should have gone to Number 11. Which team? Doesn’t matter! Julio Jones and Julian Edelman made last night’s game worth watching. Jones proved why he’s one of the greatest receivers in the game right now. Each catch he caught was done so gracefully and in bounds. My mouth literally dropped open at one point – with pressure building, Ryan was trying to toss the ball out of bounds and Jones was magically there to catch it and keep it in bounds. They were a true pleasure to watch. On the other side of the ball, the chemistry between Brady and Edelman reared its head in the fourth quarter. After dropping passes all night, Edelman redeems himself with the catch everyone is going to remember for years. He caught a ball between three Falcon defenders and maintained control of the ball while hitting the ground in one tangled mess. Call it luck, call it skill, call it whatever you want but Edelman just secured his place in history with that catch.

Going Gaga

As for halftime and the commercials, I was disappointed in one. Lady Gaga slayed her performance for one of the best halftime shows in history. She controlled space – technically it was drones but for about two minutes I truly believed she could control the stars. Her set list was so thoughtfully put together in a way that got her message of unity across without being overly political. I’m thrilled she could share her talent with the world in a way that most certainly gained her new fans. Did I mention her epic mic drop, football catch, leap from the stage combo? She blew me away. As for the commercials, I was not impressed.

Where the Magic Happens

While I sat on the couch to cover this epic game for you, our team in Houston was inside the stadium. We can’t wait to share with you an inside look at our guest experience from the weekend. Emmitt Smith and Cari Champion were a dream team as hosts of the Gold Jacket Club. Our in-stadium seats were spectacular. And the whole evening was one that will never be topped. Check back tomorrow for a full inside look at the Hall of Fame Super Bowl LI Experience.

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