Why Buying Event Tickets through QuintEvents offers Security & Peace of Mind:

Evan Chronis

By Evan Chronis

August 28, 2018

The most important thing we can stress to our customers and potential buyers is that our ticket packages come with a 100% percent delivery guarantee. This is ensures our customers the utmost confidence in ticket security when purchasing. 


When ordering your package — whether that be online or through a sales representative — you can have the ultimate trust in us to deliver your product successfully and efficiently. 

We can guarantee this thanks to our relationships with our many partnerships. Since our tickets come straight from the event organizers, we can promise authenticity and fair pricing that you won't find on the secondary market. 

As far as your personal information goes, we only share personally identifiable information with our official partnerships. It does not go out to any third party. Here is QuintEvents' official privacy statement.

Buying ticket packages is about trust more than anything, and we believe it is vital to establish that connection from the get-go. That's why security of your tickets and information is vital to our plan to provide the best possible experiences for our customers. 

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