Pro Bowl

Team Irvin Dominates Team Rice in the 2016 Pro Bowl

Victoria Barnett

By Victoria Barnett

February 1, 2016

QuintEvents-NFL-PRO-BOWL_NFL-On-Location-2013-Field-2-1.jpgJerry Rice might be considered the best wide receiver in NFL history, but Michael Irvin now has bragging rights of his own after winning the 2016 Pro Bowl. Team Irvin brought down the house (or should I say stadium) with seven touchdowns. In other words, Team Irvin came and conquered, led by a group of Seahawks. 

Seahawks Shine

To say the Seahawks showed up to the Pro Bowl is actually an understatement. They didn’t just show up. They dominated. Russell Wilson threw for three touchdowns on 8-of-12 passing in the first half to lead Team Irvin to a 49-27 victory over Team Rice. Being the first player selected in the draft, Wilson gave us quite the treat as he earned offensive MVP honors at Aloha Stadium.

His Pro Bowl and Seattle teammate Michael Bennett earned defensive MVP after having the game’s only sack and deflecting a pass that led to an interception. He also made sure to show off his dance moves to the group of mascots, which was to be applauded.

To spice things up a bit, Seattle’s Richard Sherman pulled an interesting move and ran a play on offense a reverse that lost 22 yards – all in good fashion, of course. Not to mention, Seahawks teammate Bobby Wagner, who piled up a game-high 10 tackles, was the one to tackle him out of bounds. Good try, Sherman. Good try. All-in-all, it was fun watching these Seahawks in Hawaii this year.

Team Irvin's Success

The first half of the game was touchdown after touchdown, with Team Irvin pounding twice as hard. Eli Manning hit Travis Kelce for a 4-yard touchdown to get Team Rice on board, but Team Irvin hit back with a couple of touchdowns. Russell Wilson threw to Julio Jones for a 14-yard touchdown and found Devonta Freeman for a 6-yard touchdown to lead Team Irvin 14-7. His third touchdown of the game came when he connected with Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley for a 10-yard score.

Wilson did his fair share of damage, but two other quarterbacks, Minnesota’s Teddy Bridgewater and Tampa Bay’s Jameis Winston, each added touchdown passes for Team Irvin as well. Team Rice also had help from Jacksonville’s Allen Robinson, Tennessee’s Delanie Walker, Philadelphia’s Darren Sproles and Houston’s DeAndre Hopkins, who each had scoring receptions in the game.

Team Rice's Moments of Glory

Team Rice had their moments of glory. Kelce scored once again in the first half, and we saw Jarvis Landry with a toe-tapping touchdown in the second half. Tampa Bay’s Doug Martin also ran for a touchdown. Plus, we can’t forget Odell Beckham Jr. playing defense for entire drives.

Michael Irvin made great moves in the draft this year; meanwhile, Jerry Rice made some very interesting moves – ones that may have very well led to his defeat. Team Rice tried to come out swinging, but Team Irvin rolled right over them and put the game away even when Team Rice cut the deficit to 7.


Even with a number of injury withdrawals and no shows, the Pro Bowl was still enjoyable as we saw the league’s youngest stars display their talent and insane athletic ability. Plus, it was great seeing Charles Woodson finish his 18-year career with rousing cheers from all of the fans.

What did you think of the 2016 Pro Bowl?