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The 4 Potential Matchups for Super Bowl 50

Victoria Barnett

By Victoria Barnett

January 21, 2016

SF-Trolley-With-Football-2.pngWe have four different scenarios for Super Bowl 50, and all of them look promising. We really couldn’t ask for much better matchups – they all bring something unique and exciting to the table. Take a look below at how these teams line up against each other and what the potential matchups would look like in Super Bowl 50.

Panthers vs. Broncos

For some of you this is everything you’d want in a Super Bowl. You would have two big-play defenses and run-oriented offenses along with two elite, yet completely different, quarterbacks going head-to-head. This would be the third straight year the top two seeds would face off in the Super Bowl.

Can we just talk about the Peyton Manning-Cam Newton matchup? Their contrast is exquisite. It’s like the best of the past and the best of the future combined into one battle. Peyton Manning is stationary yet crafty and Cam Newton is like a firecracker, but both make a compelling case and exude so much talent. It’s hard not to want a Panthers-Broncos Super Bowl.

Panthers vs. Patriots

Nothing like a rematch from Super Bowl XXXVIII. The Panthers would be out for revenge after losing to the Patriots 32-29 in an under-appreciated yet quirky Super Bowl. 37 points in the fourth quarter and a New England 41-yard field goal with four seconds remaining? Good times.

The great thing about this matchup is how polar opposite the two teams are in style. You have the proper and polished Patriots versus the loose and fiery Panthers. The way they play, the way they act and the way they handle themselves is different yet each way works in their own favor. Both teams are solid and held together by their respective quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Cam Newton. Deflategate vs. Dabgate. We’ll take it.

Cardinals vs. Patriots

SF-Sign-With-Football-Vertical.pngFor this matchup, the attention would be more likely to fall on Bruce Arians and Bill Belichick with their aggressive and innovative coaching styles. They’re two of the best and most intelligent coaches in football yet coach in different ways. Both teams have been consistent and efficient and make this matchup worthy of contemplating.

As far as quarterback matchups go, Carson Palmer and Tom Brady both rise to the occasion and are always ready to pull the trigger (even though Palmer struggled a little against Green Bay in the divisional round). This game would showcase both teams’ impeccable offense and probably involve a lot of passing and a high number of points.

Cardinals vs. Broncos

Even with this matchup not being a top-ranked matchup it is still a good one. It doesn’t quite have the pizzazz of the other matchups but it would feature superior defenses, an electric offense and two veteran quarterbacks looking for a last hoorah as they reach the end of their careers.

This would be Carson Palmer’s first Super Bowl in his 12-year career while Peyton Manning would be looking for another ring to match the two his brother Eli has. Considering how fragile Denver can be, a potential blowout is possible in favor of Arizona, but hey, it could still be a great game.

Which matchup would you like to see? 

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