The Bike Whisperers of MotoGP

Rory Harris

By Rory Harris

February 9, 2015

Last year, alone, MotoGP™ drew roughly 2.4 million in crowds throughout the 18-race circuit.

_S1D0017-1The sport of fast bikes and ugly crashes has grown in popularity in recent years, but what makes the world of MotoGP™ go round? 

The key to the sport is obvious: the motorcycles. 

Keeping the MotoGP™ bikes up and running is not cheap, though. In 2014, it was reported teams like Yamaha and Ducati spent somewhere between 30 million to 50 million on MotoGP™ bikes. Honda Repsol spent upwards 100 million on their team this past season.  

These numbers may seem outrageous, but when you take into consideration the fascinating details of just one bike, it seems less outrageous. 

The bikes can rev their engines up to 17,000 rpm. Some of the more notable features of the modern day MotoGP™ bikes are their pneumatic valve springs, seamless shift gearbox and purpose-built carbon disc brakes.

The Pivotal Pit Crew

MotoGP-United-States-Grand-Prix-QuintEvents-Motorcycle-1The pit crew, who tend to the motorcycles before and during the racing festivities, have to be passionate and meticulous. The MotoGP™ pit crews are some of the most skilled, enthusiastic crews of any other automotive sport.

Reportedly, over 1,000 tyres are brought through the Paddock during any given race weekend.

Many of the people working in the Paddock during a MotoGP™ grands prix have raced themselves, at one time or another during training. Because of their experience, these mechanics understand how the bikes ride as well as the riders, if not better. 

The Bike Whisperers

Often compared to Formula One™ racing, it is no surprise the developer of the modern-day MotoGP™ bike model was formerly a F1™ engineer.

Despite the premise of the two famous international sports being similar, the needs of of the F1™ racecars and MotoGP™ bikes are very different. 

Electronics development engineer, Atsuyuki Koibayashi, has spoken about how concerns with the bikes participating in the moto racing are not what you may think.  Rather than being concerned with speed, the engineer knows there are more vital questions crews are always looking to answer first.


The key to a successful running of a MotoGP™ bike is the reliability of the bike, not the speed.

The engineer talked about how it would be far more useful to find new ways to deliver information faster to the rider, to help the pit staff receive information better and to eliminate any possibility of failure during a race than to find a way for the bikes to go faster.

The challenge of the engineers and the pit crew is to achieve the optimum level of reliability. Top speed is reached and no podium is won without reliability.

Oh Snap!

Despite the races being infamous for their speed and crashes, the biggest challenges are the out of sight elements of a grand prix.

It is the speed, however, which set MotoGP™ grand prixs apart from other sports. The vibration and G forces reached during acceleration are what make the wiring of bikes so tricky.

Moto-Experiences-MotoGP-VIP-Village-2014-race-5One single snap of a wire within a bike during the race, and all could be lost.

Because the engines weigh more than the bikes, traction control is key in managing the engine power.

The bike’s control completely relies on data acquired from electronic components developed by Kobayashi and his team.

The rider’s concerns are more important in the sport of MotoGP™ than in the sport of Formula 1™.  

Unlike a driver in Formula One™, a MotoGP™ rider has to always be concerned about how the bike will responde to the movement of their body, especially during the turns.   

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