College Football Playoff

The Three Ts of College Football

Allie Shriver

By Allie Shriver

August 30, 2017


College football is one of the most loved sports in American History. People spend every Saturday in the fall crowded in bars, around living rooms, and in stadiums all over the country just to see their teams take the field for a few short hours. They turn out in droves and wash the parking lots in a sea of home team colors. Chanting creates a cacophony of sound while the smell of burgers and beer waft in the crisp air.  College football season is one of the best times of the year and there’s a good reason for that. The three Ts of college football – tradition, tailgating, and talent.


Football is a time-honored tradition in America. There’s action, drama, and intrigue in every game. Families and friends bond over the love of their team. It’s a family tradition to cheer for a certain team that is taught from birth. When you dream of going to college it’s usually the one your family has been cheering on from day one. School pride runs deep and that pride turns to full on passion during games. Your football team is your army going to battle for your school. When they win, you win and the other team must go home in shame. When they lose, you lose and you feel every emotion your players feel.

The traditions of teams run as deep as fandom. Whether it's touching a sign before heading to the field, rubbing a rock, or the marching band playing a particular song, every team has a tradition. They uphold this tradition wherever they go. These traditions leak their way to the fans and the fans carry on those traditions as well. Fans wear the same clothes, eat the same food, and even tailgate in the same spot every game. Tradition is big in college football and we love every bit of it.


Tailgating is a must before college football games. The weather doesn’t matter, you tailgate with pride in the sun, the rain, and even the snow. From Greek organizations to ancient alumni groups, you can see a wide variety of fans spread across the parking lots and lawns celebrating their team. Each region of the country tailgates with different foods but the most common are BBQ, hamburgers, and ribs. You can see the locally brewed beer among the crowd and you’ll most certainly see Bud Light in the hands of many. Depending on the game, fans show up several hours before a game or even several days. Tailgating is one of the most fun events of the year. For losing the school, tailgating is the best part of the day.  SEC and Big 10 schools tend to host the best tailgates and should be on your bucket list.


College football breeds National Football League players. Everyone starts somewhere and this is where football players go to get better at their sport and stand out from their peers. These players are recruited early on and developed by the best coaches in the business. Playing in college is one of the most sought after paths players take to prepare them for the big time. The rules are slightly different and allow for better player development. Bonds are forged of two a day summer practices in 95-degree heat. Mentorships are developed between coaches and players that last decades.

The talent pool in college football is indescribable. With an ever-changing roster, you’re able to follow a player’s journey from third string running back as a freshman to the starting lineup as a senior. As a die-hard fan, you come to know the players as if you were friends and cheer for them restlessly. The coaches are even more prolific. Being a college football coach is as revered in America as being a member of the clergy. What coaches do for their teams is considered holy in most parts of the country and their fan bases run just as deep at the team’s. Seeing rising stars under the guidance of greatness bring joy to the biggest of fans every Saturday.

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