The Top 5 MotoGP Tracks and Why

Kellie Canosa

By Kellie Canosa

August 18, 2014

catalunya_recap3We all have our favorite MotoGP™ circuits, but what circuits are the riders favorites? And which tracks demand the most skill? Folks, it's time to breakdown the circuits on the 2014 calendar and rank the top five! 

Several important categories have defined the criteria for our selection: history, audience capacity, uniqueness, fans, and 'wow' factor. 

So without further ado, check out the top 5 circuits visited in the 2014 MotoGP season in no particular order!


Assen is the holy grail of circuits for riders. It’s the only track on the calendar that has hosted a grand prix event since the creation of Motorcycle World Championship in 1949.


According to, the MotoGP™ weekend at the Dutch track is referred to as 'The Cathedral' of two-wheeled racing.”

Between the festivals, the speed and the history, Assen will always be at the top of the most historical MotoGP™ charts.

Fast Fact: The Assen TT Circuit was built in 1954, and has undergone numerous changes since. Prior to becoming an official circuit, it was a road course that ran through local villages.


czech2The Crezh Republic Grand Prix attracts one of, if not the biggest, turnout on the MotoGP™ calendar each year. With close to 250,000 screaming fans enjoying the festivities over the weekend, Brno is an event that is hard to beat in attendance.

Built in a natural valley that appears to look like a bowl, it is a great place for spectators considering the fast corners and drops. Not to mention, the entire circuit is surround by forest which make it even more attractive.

Fast Fact: The city of Brno has been hosting GPs since 1930, when riders would race through nearby villages as part of the old circuit.


Located in the middle of the desert and the start of the 2014 season, the Qatar Grand Prix at Losail screams excitement as the first grand prix where the cars race under the floodlights. Losail’s been on the calendar since 2004 and has been the opening event of the season since 2007, but it became the first ever night race in MotoGP's history in 2008.

What makes this track so unique is the loneliness of the desert paired with the joy of a new season. The circuit doesn’t buzz from the crowd, but with the eerie excitement.

Fast Fact: 3,000 homes could be simultaneously powered by the energy used to light up the track for this grand prix.

FOR FANS: Mugello

MotoGP_Italy_Food-1First off, trying to pick which circuit has the most intense fans was more difficult than one can imagine. Every Circuit that MotoGP™ visits throughout the season has unbelievable fans, however, the fans at Mugello make the Italian Grand Prix a mecca of pure, feverish fun.

Home hero, Valentino Rossi, is what these fans live for; their worship of him is comparable to that of Justin Bieber and a pack of screaming teenage girls. Regardless of whether Rossi finishes on the podium or not, fans crowd below the podium screaming his name.

Fast Fact: Valentino Rossi has won at Mugello nine times and it's his 'home' track.

FOR WOW FACTOR: Phillip Island

Ah, Phillip Island, the circuit of all circuits – that is if you want to enjoy a heavenly backdrop while attending the grand prix. Surrounded by water and cliff tops, there aren’t many more breathtaking backdrops that can rival this marvelous track and the rolls and flows.Australia_motogp

Fast Fact: Casey Stoner dominated Phillip Island during his short but exciting MotoGP™ career. The Australian won there six years in a row (2007-2012).

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