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Three Ways to Retain Your Employees

Allie Shriver

By Allie Shriver

July 5, 2017


Rewarding your employees is a sure-fire way to retaining them. Throughout the year it’s important to make your employees feel valued and heard in the workplace. This is easily done with open communication, advancement opportunities, and incentives for productivity. You can inspire a team member and make them feel valued with something as simple a company email recognizing their hard work or something grand like a new car but no matter the scale, recognition is important. We have three ways for you to incentivize and recognize your employees to increase your productivity and retention rates.

1. Relaxed Office Culture

Let your employees know you value their hard work and trust them with a relaxed office culture. To create this environment is simple: implement a causal dress code, provide beverages, and snacks in the break room, and instate summer hours. Your employees will feel more at ease and enjoy coming to the office more than ever before.  If you’re feeling really daring, you can provide board games, table games, and fun activities throughout the week allowing stressed employees time to unwind. This doesn’t mean your employees stop working, they will begin to work harder with a new level of trust instilled by upper management.

2. No Time Off Policy

Throw your conventional time off policy out of the window and you’ll see your productivity skyrocket. Allowing your employees to use their best judgment in taking time off tends to lead to less time off taken. Your employees will appreciate the freedom to take time off (pending manager approval) when needed. The stress of six weddings, the holidays with family, and sick kids can truly leak into productivity when removed, your employees will be happier and less stressed about minor things.

3. Incentive Travel

We’re not talking your ancient, tired incentive trip with the CEO to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. We’re talking a new and exciting way to reward your employees through sports travel! Take your best sales, marketing, and operational staff to the game of the year! Being in the stadium while history is being made is something intangible your employees could never repay you for. They work hard all year for you, do something extra special for them.

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