Our Top 12 UFC® Fights of 2015

    By Carolynn Wilcox

    To kick off our 12 Days of Quintmas series, we’re giving you our favorite moments from each of the 12 UFC events that has transpired in 2015, beginning in January and working our way to the present!

    The Top 5 Sporting Events to Reward Your Employees With!

    Our greatest and most valuable asset in our company is our employees. These hard-working and diligent employees deserve recognition. Now I’m not talking about a “Thank You” card and a $15 gift card ...

    UFC’s Most Memorable Title Takeover

    By Niala Samnarine

    One of the reasons MMA fans love this sport is witnessing the passing of the torch. In basketball or football, this means one team finally losing in the sport’s biggest game. In the UFC, it means ...

    4 Foolproof Ways to Get Tickets to a UFC Event

    By Niala Samnarine

    UFC: All About the Octagon

    By Niala Samnarine

    In this 8-sided structure of metal and mat, MMA professionals lay their bodies and careers on the line to win the ultimate prize: A UFC Championship Belt.

    UFC: Fastest Knockouts Ever

    By Niala Samnarine

    It’s always amazing watching an MMA match during a UFC® event and seeing two fighters go the distance. Whether it’s the full three rounds (in non-main event fights) or a five round battle, decisions ...

    The UFC’s Best Fighter Nicknames

    By Niala Samnarine

    There’s something special about a UFC® fighter’s nickname, it’s almost like a super hero’s alias. Like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Catwoman or other famous super humans, when fighters come to the ...

    UFC’s Most Memorable Losses

    By Niala Samnarine

    Of course as UFC fans we all talk about the great wins, the huge victories. Many times, it’s this victory that goes into the history books, but in some cases, it’s the loss of the other fight that’s ...

    The Second Act: The Greatest UFC Rematches

    By Niala Samnarine

    UFC Hall of Fame

    By Niala Samnarine

    The Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, United States National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, V8 Supercar Hall of Fame, and the list goes on and on. These ...