Travel the World with MotoGP: Bridging the Language Barrier

Rory Harris

By Rory Harris

December 1, 2014

MotoGP™ races span the world. The 18 different moto races cover a lot of ground in its nine-month season.

As exciting as it can be to travel somewhere where you do not know the culture, or more specifically, the language, it can be scary.But, have no fear! There are ways around language barriers and we will tell you how!

Here are some tips on how to survive while traveling in a city of a different language: 

1. Learn a Few Key Phrases 

There is no way to cram and learn an entire language, with all of its nuances, in the time you have before a getaway. However, if you focus on learning the right type of phrases, you can at least “fake it to make it”.

Moto-Experiences-MotoGP-VIP-Village-2014-WalkingBy learning a few key words or phrases that are commonly used at your destination, your trip will go a little smoother. Instead of focusing on the grammar specifics or on exactly how to write out the language, try and find a few common used phrases or words that seem most important.

Also, to ensure your safety, learn a few phrases to use in the event of an emergency or should you be in distress. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation while traveling, knowing just a few words could make all the difference.

A few examples of words like this that might come in handy may be “police” or “help.” You should not worry too much about pronunciation as long as you can say the phrase well enough to get the idea across to a local.



2. Set-up a Game Plan

Being friendly will get you far. As long as you are respectful, most locals will be patient and listen when you ask a fair question about the location or are in need of direction to somewhere.

Another tip to use is to write down the name of your hotel/venue and the hotel address in the native language of the city in which you are staying ahead of time.

This way, if you get lost or need help, you can show them where you are trying to get to instead of trying to explain.

3. Use Your Gadgets

MotoGP-VIP-Village-World-Wide-Inside-Table-AmbianceA smart phone is a beautiful thing! With a 21st century smartphone, you legitimately have the world at your fingertips. Use it.

With smartphones, you can access navigation, look up a restaurant, find a phone number, or translate a text. There are several great apps for translating languages in other countries.

Google Translate is an obvious and sufficient choice, but watch out for the translation of idiomatic phrases. This tool does not always catch them. The free app Translate Professional does not require data usage and is a great resource for translating from one language to another. It even has a voice translator function.

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