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Up Next: MotoGP Germany - Ole' Ole' Ole'

Kellie Canosa

By Kellie Canosa

July 10, 2014

Tis’ the season of FIFA World Cup™ mayhem, and lately we can’t help but pick up that famous, catchy, joyful expression of Ole' Ole' Ole' to describe how we feel about the upcoming MotoGP™ Grand Prix in Germany on Sunday, July 13! We are almost as excited as Germany’s futbol team when they beat Brazil 7-1 Tuesday, July 8. MotoGP™ Germany, HERE WE COME!

The Circuit

The Sachsenring Circuit is located in the town of Hohenstein, Germany. Before the circuit was built, car and bike races have been held on closed public roads in the area around the town of Chemnitz (nine miles from Hohenstein) since the 1920s, and were still taking place until as recently as 1990.


It was decided, however, that the five mile course through such a densely populated area was no longer suitable and a new circuit was built nine miles west of Chemnitz in 1996. Although mainly used as a driver training centre and road transport safety station, Sachsenring first hosted MotoGP™ in 1998.

Fast FactsGerman_MotoGP

Length: 2.281 miles
Width: 12m
Corners: 10 left, 3 right
Longest straight: 0.435 miles
Constructed: 1996
Laps: 30
Total Distance: 68.4 miles

Many improvements have taken place since 1998, including a drastic layout enhancement in 2001. Sachsenring has numerous tight corners, making it one of the slower tracks on the calendar, but there is never any shortage of close racing action!

Travel Guide

Besides the MotoGP™ Grand Prix, Germany and the town of Hohenstein have something to offer everyone. So why your there taking in all the sights and making everyone back home beyond jealous status, here is a list of the top things to do in the city with brains and charm:

• Café Michaelis: Calling all sweet lovers! This is the place for Y. O. U. A century old coffee house tradition was refurbished in 2012 with the reopening of Café Michaelis, famous for its unbelievable assortment of jaw-dropping, delicious cakes. If you aren’t in the mood for sweets, grab yourself a plate homemade pasta or crisp salad.

• Karl Marx Monument: Ever wonder what a bad hair day looks like frozen in time made out of bronze? You’re in luck! Visit the 7.1m high bronze head of German philosopher, Karl Marx in front of a large frieze exhorting “Workers of the world, unite!” in many different languages.

• Kassberg: One of Germany’s largest art nouveau quarters. A mesmerizing display of architecture that will make any visitor weak at the knees.

• Kellerhaus Restaurant: German food at it’s finest. It doesn’t get much better than this folks. Not to mention, it has a 100% recommendation score on tripadvisor.com, need we say more. Be sure to bring an empty stomach!

• Wildgatter Oberrabenstein: See some of Europe’s most unique wild animals in this outside, natural enclosure. You can see and feed animals such as the red deer and fallow deer, roe deer, capercaillie and forest birds! You can even camp at the lake nearby.

Picture This!

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