Billboard Music Awards

VIP Ticket Packages to the 2016 Billboard Music Awards

Victoria Barnett

By Victoria Barnett

April 26, 2016


The Billboard Music Awards. You’ve probably watched them on TV or maybe even seen them live, but you’ve likely never experienced them like this.

This is your chance to experience the 2016 Billboard Music Awards like a star. You’ll actually get to see stars walk the Red Carpet, sit amongst some of your favorite celebrities during the show and enjoy thrilling musical performances throughout the night.

Billboard Music Awards Ticket

473839504-1-1000x696.jpgDon’t worry. You won’t be in the nosebleed section with your binoculars trying to figure out who is on stage performing or accepting an award. In fact, you get the exact opposite. If you are familiar with the BBMAs, then you probably know that the front section on the floor of the arena is where Hollywood’s most elite and famous sit.

With that in mind, now picture yourself sitting amongst those celebrities. Why? Because that’s where you get to sit. Your BBMAs ticket gets you seating in the front floor sections with all your favorite stars.

Backstage Tour

When watching the BBMAs on TV, we are able to get a glimpse of what happens backstage, but we don’t really get to see all that much. Here’s your chance to actually take a tour backstage and see the makings of the show.

Rehearsal Viewing

Get a peak of the action before it happens! Everything has to run smoothly during the show, and you get to witness as all of the details and kinks are worked out. You may catch a glimpse of music artists rehearsing their performances prior to the show. This means you could have the chance to see some of your favorite artists perform not once, but twice!

473841264.jpgRed Carpet Viewing

As you probably know, prior to the show, celebrities walk the Red Carpet, pose for the cameras and show off their fancy evening attire.  Unless you are the media or a very important person, you will likely not be able to get close to the Red Carpet.

However, we are the exception, and you can be, too. You will get to be up close in a roped off section as you see the stars walk the Red Carpet!

Official After-Party Ticket

Everyone looks forward to the Official BBMAs After-Party! Join the hottest names in the music industry for the biggest Billboard Music Awards event in Sin City. Mix and mingle with celebs, sip on signature cocktails and take in the scene.


Attend the BBMAs as a VIP

Great seats and great access make for one heck of a night at the Billboard Music Awards. Pair this with hotel accommodations and you will be all set! Be the star you are and attend the 2016 BBMAs like a VIP – you won’t regret it! See you in Las Vegas.

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